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- After Raj's date from the comic book store escapes through the bathroom window, he goes into a depression and won't leave his apartment. She returns to the comic book store with a note and her phone number for Raj. At first, Raj refuses to call her back, but then relents and calls her. She comes over to his house to apologize for ditching him. He invites her in, but she says she can't stay. She tells him she has social issues, he replies that he does too. They decide to go out again.


- Sheldon invites Penny to guest on Flags with Friends. She gives him some tips about opening himself up and being less stiff on camera. Amy tells Sheldon he should thank Penny. In return, Penny invites Sheldon and Amy to her play. At first he declines, but after Amy's urging accepts the invitation. Penny is great on stage surprising her friends.

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