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The girls are headed to Las Vegas, while the guys plan a weekend playing D & D. Neither groups' plans go as expected. Amy attacked a TSA agent and was put on the no-fly list. Raj left the D & D game to go out on a date with Lucy. When the girls interrupt the D & D game, Leonard invites them to play. They take over the game and turn it into a craps-style D & D adventure. Towards the end, Sheldon and Amy's characters are put under a love spell. Amy feels ridiculed and runs out. Sheldon and her end up playing their own private D & D game in his bedroom.


While the D & D antics are going on, Raj and Lucy go out to dinner. When he tries to help her go outside her comfort zone it backfires and she escapes through a window. When she lands in a locked area, she calls him and they acknowledge they do like each other and kiss through the fencing.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

Leonard: Sometimes change is good. You were worried about Zachary Quinto being the new Spock, but you ended up liking him.
Sheldon: Leonard, please, every time the topic of change comes up you throw Zachary Quinto in my face. I'm upset the mailman has a new haircut -- Zachary Quinto. I'm upset daylight savings time started -- Zachary Quinto. I'm upset daylight savings time ended -- Zachary Quinto. I'm saying this for the last time. Zachary Quinto was a weird, wonderful, unrepeatable event, so stop using him against me.

We have a new rule if no one talks for three minutes you can just hang up. I'm so into her.