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The Big Bang Theory Season 5

"The Countdown Reflection"

The gang must hurry to plan a wedding when Howard and Bernadette decide to have the event before the NASA launch on the season finale of The Big Bang Theory.

"The Launch Acceleration"

With his NASA launch moved up, Howard's wedding must be rescheduled leaving him to deal with Bernadette's family on The Big Bang Theory.

"The Stag Convergence"

Will Wheaton plays a party guest while Bernadette rethinks getting married on The Big Bang Theory.

"The Hawking Excitation"

Wolowitz gets to work with Stephen Hawking this week, meaning Sheldon will do anything at all to meet his hero.

"The Transporter Malfunction"

Sheldon is haunted by Mr. Spock on this episode of The Big Bang Theory, as Leonard Nimoy guest voices.

"The Weekend Vortex"

Silly Sheldon. This Big Bang Theory character blows off Amy's aunt's birthday this week just to play video game.

"The Werewolf Transformation"

Sheldon's barber gets sick this week, while astronaut training causes Wolowitz to rethink his decision to head into space.

"The Rothman Disintegration"

Sheldon competes against Kripke this week for a job at the University, while a gift from Amy makes Penny uncomfortable.

"The Vacation Solution"

Sheldon tries to take a vacation this week, by working with Amy at her neurobiology lab. Howard, meanwhile, gets all worked up.

"The Friendship Contraction"

Leonard reconsiders his friendship with Sheldon this week due to the latter's demands. Elsewhere, NASA astronaut Mike Massimino as himself.

"The Beta Test Initiation"

Leonard and Penny experiment with dating again this week, while Raj develops an odd connection with his phone's virtual assistant.

"The Recombination Hypothesis"

Leonard asks Penny out on a date this week, causing everyone else to wonder how life might change it it goes well. It's the show's 100th episode!

"The Shiny Trinket Maneuver"

Sheldon isn't sufficiently impressed by Amy's accomplishment on The Big Bang Theory this week, while Howard must be okay with Bernadette disliking kids.

"The Speckerman Recurrence"

Leonard comes face to face wit his high school bully this week. The latter is played by Lance Barber.

"The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition"

Sheldon grows jealous of Amy dating someone else this week. That other man is Stuart from the comic book store.

"The Ornithophobia Diffusion "

Leonard and Penny try to actually hang out alone this week. Meanwhile, Sheldon faces his fear of birds.

"The Isolation Permutation"

Bernadette and Penny go shopping for a wedding dress on The Big Bang Theory this week. Without Amy!

"The Good Guy Fluctuation"

A comic book artist comes between Leonard and Priya this week. Elsewhere, Sheldon has a goal: scare his pals on Halloween.

"The Rhinitis Revelation"

Laurie Metcalf comes on board this episode of The Big Bang Theory. She plays Sheldon's mother.

"The Russian Rocket Reaction"

Wil Wheaton returns and hosts a party this week. Sheldon and Leonard are invited. Read on for a recap.

"The Wiggly Finger Catalyst"

Raj meets a girl this week! One with whom he actually communicate!

"The Pulled Groin Extrapolation"

How will Sheldon and Penny get along this week, with Leonard off at a wedding with Amy? That's the main Big Bang Theory question.

"The Infestation Hypothesis"

Amy is caught in the middle this week, as Sheldon and Penny fight. Leonard, meanwhile, tries to spice things up with Priya.

"The Skank Reflex Analysis"

The Big Bang Theory is back! On the premiere, the gang deals with Penny and Raj actually sleeping together.

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