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When Raj loses his job, he's about to be deported unless he can find a new job.  Luckily, Sheldon offers to let him work with, err, for him on his new project at school.  When Raj tries to correct a mistake that he sees Sheldon made, Sheldon proves he's an impossible boss and Raj ends up quitting.  In the end, Sheldon comes to Raj to rehire him in the closest thing we'll see from Sheldon.  Most hilarious part of them working together?  A montage to the song "Eye of the Tiger" of Sheldon and Raj just staring at a white board.

Meanwhile, Wolowitz is lost without his wingman Raj and becomes a third wheel to Penny and Leonard on their movie night at home.  Wolowitz is even there in the morning to cook them breakfast complete with delicious baked bagels and lox.  Though they kick him out when they need some alone time, the guilt sets in and they invite him back in.

The episode's title, "The Pirate Solution" comes from Sheldon's initial suggestion to hearing Raj is going to be deported.  He gave him three suggestions: return to India, go to a different country, or roam the seas as a pirate.

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