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The Big Bang Theory Season 3

"The Lunar Excitation"

Blossom alert! Former sitcom star Mayim Bialik guest stars on the season finale as a potential love interest for Sheldon.

"The Staircase Implementation"

Leonard tells Penny the story of how the apartment elevator broke through a series of flashbacks.

"The Plimpton Stimulation"

Sheldon has a female physicist, Dr. Plimpton (Judy Greer) spend the night at the apartment.

"The Spaghetti Catalyst"

After Penny and Leonard break up, Sheldon goes behind Leonard's back to hang out with Penny.

"The Wheaton Recurrence"

Sheldon goes up against his nemesis, Wil Wheaton at the bowling alley while Leonard and Penny have their own fight.

"The Pants Alternative"

When Sheldon is forced to give an acceptance speech for an award he received, he must overcome his stage freight.

"The Precious Fragmentation"

When the guys buy a Lord of the Rings ring from a garage sale, they all begin to covet their precious.

"The Excelsior Acquisition"

Sheldon misses his chance to meet comic book creator Stan Lee when he's stuck in traffic court over a ticket that Penny got him.

"The Large Hadron Collision"

When Leonard is giving a plus one to go to Switzerland to see the Large Hadron Collider on Valentine's Day, Sheldon tries to convince Leonard to take him over Penny.

"The Einstein Approximation"

Sheldon gets a job at the Cheesecake factory to help his solve a theory; Leonard and Wolowitz steal Raj's idea for a double date.

"The Bozeman Reaction"

When Leonard and Sheldon's apartment gets robbed, their friends help them devise a security system.

"The Psychic Vortex"

Sheldon and Raj attend a university mixer where Raj meets Abby (Danica McKellar); Leonard is upset to find out that Penny believes in psychics.

"The Maternal Congruence"

Leonard's mother, Beverly (Christine Baranski), is back and Leonard is upset to find out she's getting divorced and told Sheldon, not him.

"The Gorilla Experiment"

Penny seeks Sheldon's help to better understand Leonard's work; Wolowitz gets jealous when Leonard and Bernadette become friends.

"The Vengeance Formulation"

When Kripke embarrasses Sheldon on NPR, he swears revenge; Wolowitz is scared to commit to Bernadette.

"The Adhesive Duck Deficiency"

When Leonard, Raj and Wolowitz go camping, an injured Penny must rely on Sheldon for help.

"The Guitarist Amplification"

When Penny's musician ex-boyfriend wants to crash on her couch, Leonard and Penny fight and Sheldon tries to stop them.

"The Cornhusker Vortex"

Leonard gets tutored in football by Sheldon; a kite flying mishap causes a fight between Wolowitz and Raj

"The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary"

Sheldon goes up again the Star Trek actor, Wil Wheaton; Wolowitz wants Penny to set him up with one of her friends

"The Pirate Solution"

Desperate to avoid going back to India, Raj considers a job working for Sheldon; Howard becomes a third wheel to Leonard and Penny

"The Gothowitz Deviation"

Howard takes Raj with him to the Goth dating scene; Sheldon uses chocolate as part of his behavioral experiment on Penny.

"The Jiminy Conjecture"

Leonard and Penny try and make things not awkward after their hookup; Sheldon and Wolowitz bet their best comic books on a bet to determine the species of a cricket

"The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation"

Sheldon runs to his mother when he learns the gang messed with her arctice expedition's data; the guys go chasing after him with Leonard sacrificing his chance with Penny.

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