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Howard and Raj tell Sheldon and Leonard about their visitor from the Air Force, and are worried their project will be taken away from them. Sheldon is excited about that idea, but no one else is.

Bernadette is worries when she thinks the news of her pregnancy has been revealed at work, and she's not ready for everyone to know yet. Then Penny admits to Amy that she was the one who slipped up and spilled the news. 

Penny eventually admits it to Bernadette, and Bernadette is furious.

The guys meet with an Air Force officer about their invention, and he tells them that they'd like to fund his project, but he can't tell them what they would use the guidance system for.

The Colonel needs the guidance system to be smaller, though, which Sheldon agrees they can do in a ridiculous amount of time. Now, the guys are moving to a new office in a classified location to continue their work. 

Bernadette admits why she's upset about the news getting out about her pregnancy -- it makes her worried about her career, particularly because of a research project she wants to be a part of. 

She forgives Penny in the end, and also threatens to sue her boss if she doesn't get put on the project.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Penny: When Leonard's feeling anxious, I make him take a long walk.
Amy: Does that help?
Penny: For a while, then he comes back.

I was counting on that money. I need to make as much as my wife so I don't have to try so hard in bed.