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Raj video chats with his father and tells him of his recent breakup. Then he asks that his father not try to arrange a marriage for him again. However, Raj's father says it's too much work, and criticizes the fact that Raj isn't self sufficient. 

Raj tells his friends he's upset that his father believes he can't keep a relationship because he's spoiled, and his friends don't disagree. It turns out that Raj's father pays for just about everything.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy have date night, where they run into Bert. Bert is there for a date, but gets stood up, and Sheldon realizes he's sad and invites him to join them for dinner.

Bert compliments Sheldon and Amy's relationship, saying that they are the perfect couple other than the fact that they only have sex once a year. Amy is upset, and wonders how he knows this information.

Bert says everyone at the university knows, and it turns out that Sheldon has told this to many people -- including a lunch lady.

Amy and Sheldon have their first fight while living together, and Sheldon doesn't understand fully why Amy is upset. He then makes a chart so he can better understand who he's allowed to share certain information with.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 16 Quotes

Amy: Our first date was at a coffee shop.
Sheldon: Although unlike you're date, she actually showed up. [pause] Oh, he looks sad again.

I really envy your relationship. Other than you two only having sex once a year, you're the perfect couple.