Fighting a Takeover - The Baker and the Beauty
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The episode kicks off with everyone sitting around the breakfast table moping. 

Mari puts an end to it, but ignores Natalie's problems, which result in an outburst before she heads out for school. 

At school, she informs Amy, who she's banned from seeing, that she's being treated like she's the "bad seed" for being gay. 

She decides to have some "bad seed fun" and the two ditch school to attend a music festival in Miami. 

Daniel is missing Noa since she's been on her trip. The two agree to meet up after her meeting with her father about getting her company back. 

Her father informs Noa that he's doing this out of love because he wants her to no longer be bogged down with running the company and free to pursue her childhood passion of acting. 

Meanwhile, Daniel tries to give Mateo, who is done with his music career after being put down by a producer, when he gets arrested for punching Kurt, the reporter, on a previous episode. 

Daniel calls his parents for bail money, but they aren't pleased with him and need to find a way to scrounge up $1,000. 

Mateo offers to pawn off his music equipment to help pay for his brother's release. 

Daniel is released and when the police tell him his "girlfriend" is waiting for him, he expects to see Noa. Instead, Vanessa is waiting for him as she forced Kurt to drop the battery and assault charges. 

Daniel is grateful, but Vanessa needs to get to a showing, so she ignores his objections and drives over one-way spikes, which pop all of her wheels. 

The exes are forced to walk home, so Daniel suggests getting some food together. They catch up over pizza and acknowledge that they had some really good times together. 

Eventually, they make it home. Daniel's family is thrilled to see him. 

Vanessa goes to give Mateo a pep talk about how he cannot give up on music. They kiss, and Vanessa runs off. 

Amy drops Natalie off at home from their ditch day. They never made it into the concert because Natalie learned of Daniel's arrest, but it was still the best day of her life. 

She expects to get punished at home, but instead, Mari informs her why she's been so rude and tough on her. She's no opposed to Natalie dating a girl, she simply feels like she doesn't have anything to offer her daughter in terms of wisdom or advice. 

The two patch things up, but Natalie is still grounded for skipping class. 

Noa's meeting with the board doesn't go well as her father paints her as distracted and uncommitted largely due to her relationship with Daniel. 

This is also the first time she learns of his arrest. 

Later, Lewis meets Gideon at the bar and asks him what this is really about. Gideon informs him that his company has run into some international trouble and he wanted to use Noa Corp to save himself. 

Lewis strikes a deal with Gideon and salvages the barely existent relationship between father and daughter. 

Gideon retracts his motion at the meeting. Lewis faints. 

At the hospital, Noa informs him he came down with the flu, which is common for cancer patients. He apologizes for not telling her sooner. 

Noa realizes that her relationship has distracted her from what's important so she meets up with Daniel and breaks things off. 

Daniel tells her this is the only time she's ever looked ordinary. 

The Baker and the Beauty
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The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

What do you want from, dad? You definitely don't want what's best for me because you don't even know what that is.


Daniel: That's no reason to quit. Especially if you love it.
Mateo: Yeah, but it doesn't love me back. The longer I go holding out for something that's never gonna happen, then the longer it takes me to find something else to love, something that can actually happen.