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The Bachelor Season 15

"Season 15 Finale"

Chantal or Emily? It all comes down to one final rose for Brad Womack. Who will get it? Who will go home empty-handed?

"Season 15 The Women Tell All"

The Women Tell All tonight on The Bachelor. Which, as we all know, means they tell jack squat and the show wastes two hours of your life.

"Final Three"

Ashley, Chantal and Emily. Who will be sent home this week, setting up an epic Bachelor season finale? Let's fine out ...

"Hometown Dates"

Brad visits the homes of Chantal, Shawntel, Ashley and Emily this week. But only three of the women will continue this journey of love.

"Week Seven"

The field is cut to four on The Bachelor this week. That means four women get hometown dates next week but two are sent packing tonight. Who's out? FIND out!

"Week Six"

Brad Womack culls the field of Bachelorettes down to six. Will our fan favorites survive? Will he finally get rid of the girls we don't even recognize?

"Week Five"

The competition heats up as 11 women vie for the remaining eight roses. Who will be send packing this week?

"Who Has Cheated?"

Brad Womack continues to trim The Bachelor field. Claws continue to come out. Tensions continue to rise.

"Week Three"

Brad Womack's quest for love rages on. You never know what it will bring. You just never do.

"Season 15 Week Two"

The second week of The Bachelor kicks off with the same old acting thing. The women dress up and pretend to fight over Brad. Woo hoo.

"Season 15 Premiere"

Brad Womack kicks off his return as The Bachelor. Who will survive this epic first night of cocktail party drama?

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