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Kyle is telling Megan the story of what happened to Aaron. He compares his experience with her killing her stepbrother. He made a mistake. Move on. She figures out that the reason for the contract was to protect Kyle's brand.

Megan tells Kyle why she went looking for Julie and Aaron - to hurt Terence and IHM. She stands up to him.

The next morning Megan tells Kyle everything they have to do regarding the wedding. Kyle wants to continue talking about Julie, Aaron and Zach. She's going forward with the wedding so not to disappoint millions of fans.

Kyle tells her he'll try to get Zach out.

Megan is at a meeting with Deann about a role.

Terence tells Kyle about Vita - his life extension program. Terence tells Kyle he spoke to Julie and she told him no one has contacted him.

Shaun is upset that Megan told Kyle everything. He suggests they go to speak with Julie and they do. They find a place where Aaron and Julie can hang out until things get sorted out and be protected from Terence.

There is no love lost between Kyle and Aaron. Kyle has an answer to everything that Shaun says.

Deann makes a pitch to the woman she wants Megan to play in her new role.

Kyle is working on Aaron's new place making it handicap friendly. Kyle gets real Aaron.

Kyle tells Megan he wants to convince Aaron not to go public. Megan is discouraged because Kyle is still indebted to Terence, but he tells her he's willing to leave and break all ties with them. Does she really believe it? Is he really willing to choose her over IHM and Terence?

Deann is on set with Wes at his first role. He's nervous about his big debut. He doesn't well on his first scene. Deann is willing to stay to help him out and be late for the rehearsal dinner.

Kyle tells Megan they'll talk to him at dinner when he's relaxed and won't make a scene. Megan tells Shaun they have a plan and Shaun is disturbed not knowing details.

Kyle and Megan confront Deann and Terence. It's a little awkward. Kyle tells him he's leaving IHM. Deann is freaking out. Shaun is watching from the top. Kyle tells Terence that he'll leave quietly unless Terence creates a problem.

Deann confronts Kyle and Megan separately. Kyle leaves the discussion and Deann talks to her. Deann tells Megan she made a mistake.

Terence is giving a toast to Kyle and Megan and can't read his script so decides to ad lib it. He says something very heartfelt that delves deep into Kyle's soul.

The next morning Kyle is on the phone with Terence. He tells Megan it's about releasing Zach from the facility.

Deann visits es at his home. Wes tells her he was fired. Wes admits to her that he used. He's scared and upset.

Megan goes to Julie and Aaron's place to tell them the plan but finds the door open and the house empty. She calls Terence and he takes control of the situation. Kyle gave in. She lost and Terence won.

Kyle takes Zach to the airport. Kyle and Megan fight at home. She tells him there is nothing he can do to fix anything.

Terence tells Deann he'll be able to fix things with Kyle. She tells Terence about Wes. Terence tells Deann they need a more permanent solution to deal with Megan.

Kyle can't get hold of Megan. Megan tells Shaun everything that happened.  Megan goes to Xavier's house and starts kissing him. WTF. 





The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I know where I stand. Do you? Are you really ready to help her?


Secrets are a weight. It's a relief to get them off of you.