A Desperate Kyle
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Kyle is giving an interview about his relationship with Lisbeth and IHM. It's actually an IHM promo tape. 

There's a conflict between Kyle and Terence. Megan visit with Shaun who tells her she didn't find anything on Julia Wolfe. Shaun isn't interested in finding anything out about Julia. Megan pushes then leaves. Shaun thinks Megan's friends are lying to her. Megan thinks Terence wiped her off the face of the planet.

Kyle is looking at a cut of the movie between Xavier and Megan. It reminds him of his breakup with Lisbeth.

Xavier is giving an interview to the IHM lady. After the interview, he and Megan talk.

Kyle confronts Xavier and tells him they have to reshoot a scene. He's not happy. Neither is Xavier. Megan is trying to stay out of it and offends Kyle when she takes Xavier's side.

Kyle has a flashback to a time with Lisbeth. he gets angry with her and punches the wall. He has a violent streak and a jealous streak. She doesn't want to be with him.

He takes off while Megan interviews with the IHM lady.

Kyle has another flashback to when Lisbeth broke up with him. He's out of control when Terence comes in.

Lyle is speeding on his bike with the memories. In his flashback Terence tries to calm Kyle down. Kyle pulls a gun on Terence as he tries to call Aaron. The phone number is disconnected.

He puts the gun to his head. In current day, he's driving like a crazy person. When he remembers Terence telling him he loves him, he clams down both in the flashback and in the current day.

Lisbeth and Terence are having an affair.

Terence ends up walking away from Lisbeth because Kyle needs him.

Kyle gives his interview with the IHM lady. Kyle blows off Megan to talk with Xavier. Xavier blows up because Kyle fires him. Megan chases after Xavier to try to convince him to reconsider if she can convince Kyle to back down.

Xavier tells her she's too good for Kyle and IHM.

Kyle has had an epiphany about why he decided to direct instead of act in the new movie. Terence thinks the narrative is going to be that either Kyle was jealous or is a racist. Terence is not happy about him firing Xavier.

Terence and Megan have a confrontation. He tells her that she doesn't matter.

Zach tells Megan that he thinks Shaun is lying. Kyle tells Megan about his conversation with Deann. Terence tells Megan that the only thing that works to keep him from the darkest places is the tools Terence taught him.







The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Put energy into IHM, and IHM puts energy into you.


I love you, Kyle.