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Henry is doing homework. Mom isn't home. They're supposed to hear from St. Edwards in the next week or two. Can he go or what? Philip wants to allow Henry to go.

Time to visit Tuan with some McDonalds. While watching TV with him, Philip recalls his childhood playing with his dad.

The Centre thinks they might have found a Nazi Collaborator who used to line up Russians and gun them down. The Centre wants them to find her and probably kill her. Of course, there is only one very old photo. Philip's first thought is they won't be able to tell if it's really her.

Claudia also discovered that yes, they did weaponize the virus, and they used it.

Oleg and his partner meet a new guy. The guy interrogated someone who knew a lot of stuff, none of which was crazy. It was true. The partner says he should have just kept his mouth shut. The new guy said he still has to send him to the mental ward, so it doesn't matter what he said.

The woman in Massachusetts looks nothing like the photo.

Stan is taking Henry on a tour of the offices for a school paper. Henry thinks the mail robot is so cool. Stan says it's more trouble than it's worth.

Henry is very excited when he gets home.

Elizabeth and Philip go to look at the photos. Elizabeth thinks it looks like her. Philip wonders if Paige wanted them to read her photos in front of her.

Oleg and his partner are looking into a secretary named Fomina. She gets presents, wears fur. There is a book in her unlocked drawer.

She laughs at them. The KGB doesn't have to think like everyone else, so they bury their heads, but this is how it's done and will always be done.

Philip and Elizabeth, meanwhile, get the go ahead to kill a woman based on information that was iffy after the war and even more iffy years later. He can't just do it. He has to be sure.

When they finally get to Natalie Grancombe's house, she verbally fights for her life, but Elizabeth doesn't believe her. Philip doesn't care if it IS her. At least not yet. When Elizabeth wants to kill her husband, she starts talking about what happened. But now they don't know if she did it or not. She can't remember what she did. Or at least won't cop to it.

She finally does, and it's not at all how Philip and Elizabeth expected. Elizabeth kills both of them. Now? She wants to go home.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Do you think Paige wanted us to see those photos?
I don't know. She already told us.
But maybe she wanted to see us read them right in front of her. Or maybe she was just moving too fast.

Philip: So Konin is Perkupchick. Or someone who is the same height and age as she was at the end of the war?
Claudia: Yes.