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The Americans Season 1

"The Colonel"

In The Americans first season finale, Stan is on Phillip and Elizabeth's trail when they are told to attend a potential dangerous meeting.

"The Oath"

Phillip and Elizabeth fear they are being set up on this episode of The Americans.

"Covert War"

Covert War marks the 11th episode of this amazing first season of The Americans.

"Only You"

Stan gets closer to Elizabeth with his newest lead on The Americans.

"Safe House"

FBI agents vanish and a routine mission goes sideways for Phillip and Elizabeth on The Americans.

"Mutually Assured Destruction"

Phillip and Elizabeth are on the hunt for an assassin whose mission it is to kill American scientists on The Americans.

"Duty and Honor"

Phillip's relationship with Elizabeth becomes even more troubled when he meets up with an old girlfriend on The Americans.

"Trust Me"

The KGB takes desperate measures to ferret out its double agent on The Americans.


Elizabeth and Philip must figure out the FBI's encryption code on The Americans.

"In Control"

Stan attempts to figure out if the assassination attempt on President Reagan was planned by the KGB on The Americans.


After his death, Phillip and Elizabeth find out that Robert had a wife that they knew nothing about on The Americans.

"The Clock"

On The Americans, will Phil and Elizabeth risk being discovered when they attempt to plant a bug in the office of the Secretary of Defense.

The Americans pilot introduces us to Elizabeth Jennings and Philip Jennings, married KGB spies posing as regular Americans.

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