Making Plans - The Alienist: Angel of Darkness
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Two men are cutting up bodies in a meat locker. John's editor Bernie allows him to pursue the connection between the two missing babies. Kreizler suggests hypnotizing Isabella but Sara balks at the idea. She wants to interview the staff first. Senor Linares won't let Kreizler speak to Isabella. Kreizler arrives late at Dr. Markoe's lecture. Markoe storms off when Kreizler reveals that Martha's baby was placed at the department store after she was executed. Markoe and Byrnes meet. Byrnes tells him he'll take care of Kreizler and his pack. The Isaacsons concluded the baby was poisoned but then the poisoner tried to give her an antidote but finally smothered the infant. Byrnes confronts Lucius. and threatens Marcus to get information. Sara gets the address for a person who bought five of the dolls found in the Linares bassinet. Byrnes informs Hearst of the missing Spanish baby. A rich man drops off his pregnant mistress at Markoe's hospital. John and Sara ask Cyrus to introduce them to gang boss Goo-Goo Knox, who owned the boarding house which was the buyer's address. Kreizler returns to talk with Isabella but she rebuffs his suggestion of hypnosis. Fomenting distrust of the Spanish, Byrnes suggests Doyle look into the missing Linares baby. The bodies of two of Knox's rivals are dumped on the pier. Knox threatens John but Sara trains her gun on him. Knox denies knowing anything about a missing baby. Sara confronts Kreizler about contacting the Linareses. Kreizler tells her of a staff member that they weren't allowed to interview. Doyle arrests Isabella as Sara and Kreizler arrive. Doyle releases her after Sara reminds him Isabella has diplomatic immunity. The mistress gives birth then Markoe and the matron steal her baby, telling her it didn't survive. 

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness
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The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Kreizler: How good of you not to render moral judgment on the souls of these women, Dr. Markoe.
Markoe: You mock me, Dr. Kreizler. But only because you lost in court. Your vanity demands satisfaction.

Bernie: I doubt very much [Hearst] is going to like his future son-in-law palling around with the fragrant Miss Howard.
John: It's not like that, Bernie.
Bernie: Isn't it, John?