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Helen tries to find out more details about the Vanity Fair article, but Noah shuts it down. He admits saying that women have come forward, and that he's concerned. 

Helen tries to google it, but doesn't find anything. 

On the way to school, all of the moms start pointing the finger at her as it comes out. 

When she returns home, she has it out with Noah, telling him that he needs to fill in all the blanks she has. 

They then get a phone call that Trevor got in a fight at school. They then try to get the kids, but they have been picked up. 

It turns out Sasha has them. He tells Helen to distance herself from Noah. Helen realizes that Sasha was the one to do the whole thing. 

She later leaves with the kids to get him.

Whitney is stuck at the airport and finds herself back at Furcat's. He tells her he could give her the world, but she tries to learn more about the way he acts. 

The pair came to blows once again and Whitney ultimately leaves him behind. 

She returns home to dump Colin because she says they are not in this for the right reasons. 

Colin says he only wants a green card to be with her. 

Her parents arrive and the drama goes into overdrive when Whitney reveals that she thinks Noah did it. 

The Affair
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The Affair Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Helen: It was pretty annoying, actually, because she said she was just fact-checking and then, she just started asking me all these questions about our divorce.
Noah: What did you say?
Helen: No comment.
Noah: Thanks for doing that.
Helen: What is the article about, anyway? I thought it was about your new book.
Noah: I don't know. She pitched it to me as my redemption story, you know, my new book, the movie, and how I'd made good. Now suddenly Petra's digging around looking for skeletons like it's some tabloid piece. I mean, honestly, I'm starting to regret agreeing to be interviewed in the first place.
Helen: Is she finding any skeletons?
Noah: Well, nothing about weddings in Montauk, if that's what you mean. And she never will.

Sasha: I'm not the bad guy here.
Helen: Noah's name is off the movie because that's what you wanted.