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Noah, Cole and Anton continue their search for Alison. 

Cole argues with the detective on the phone, who says that there is no crime at the moment and Ben is by no means a suspect. 


Alison attends the event for the new way of dealing with grief, and she bumps into Ben, who says that it could help some of his people. 

There was, once again, an instant attraction. They were paired up and tried to speak about something from the past that haunted them. 

Ben asked Alison questions and she opened up about her fear of water and how she kept thinking about a young boy who died in water, but grabbing him out. 

It all gets too much for Alison and she walks off, but Ben follows to make sure she's okay. He offers to take her out on a boat to help her come to terms with her visions. 

Alison admits that her son died, and she could not save him and that ever since she's been scared of water. She opens up about suicidal tendencies before making her way into the water and conquering her fear. 


Cole wants to save the man who his brother got hooked on drugs all those years ago, so he takes him to a meeting. Ben is there and opens up about still being married. 

After the meeting, Cole asks Ben to be the man's sponsor, but he declines because he's only in town for a short while. 

When Cole returns home, Luisa's mind has been working overtime and she says that they need to take the custody rights back from Alison to tell ICE that she needs to be there as a mother figure for Joanie. 

Cole shuts her down because he knows it will set Alison back because she's in a good place. They have an argument and Luisa essentially says that she needs to go back to Ecuador. 

Cole says he couldn't go with her because of Joanie. 

He visits his mother because he needs to know what to do. She says his father went away for six months on a walkout and returned and they were stronger than ever. 

He says he will do that for Luisa and she agrees because she wants to fix the relationship. 

Cole picks Joanie up from Alison's and notices Ben is the man who is her new boyfriend. Cole knows about Ben's wife and makes him tell Alison. 

Ben says he will, but Cole seems like he's pissed. 


The Affair
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The Affair Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Cole: Luisa doesn't think that I love her.
Mother: Well, do you love her?

Cole: You want me to ask Alison to declare herself an unfit mother?
Luisa: Yeah.
Cole: It would break her heart.