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Noah's waiting for coffee to brew. Sporting a beard, it's the day of his father's funeral. He's living with his sister, Nina.

Helen takes the kids to the funeral, the eldest son wants to have nothing to do with Noah. The little ones barely speak to him.

Noah's words about his father are confusing and don't frame a beloved father. Noah sees (or does he?) a man in a cap outside the funeral home. He's spooked.

Helen wonders about their new arrangement, and about them. Noah is lost in memories, just a step behind everyone else.

Noah and Nina seem to have a pretty good sibling relationship. She doesn't believe he's guilty, but he doesn't think he's innocent.

He's taking muscle relaxants for something that happened while he was in prison.

Noah wakes up the next day to Nina and her husband arguing. Their father left the house to Noah. 

Noah spends every spare moment looking outside, searching for the man in the cap.

He's barely paying attention to his students, and when he does, he rips a girl's writing and sends her out of the classroom in tears.

Noah sublets an apartment then goes to the chapel and falls asleep on a pew. He remembers the first time Helen visited him in prison. He didn't want to leave anything to chance. He didn't expect to stay for the full three years. 

He figures he owed it to Helen, after everything he put her through. This is his way of wiping the slate clean. 

Noah pops awake in the chapel and there is a class going on. A woman teaching it is asking him to introduce himself. He says he's in the wrong place, but he's clearly intrigued.

Juliette and Noah talk about the students and their safety, about how they are so adamant about it, and even out to get Noah. After all, he's been in prison and is a murderer.

Juliette thought their job as professors should be to unsettle the students and make them feel insecure so they can be challenged, no? No. 

Noah saw the dude in the cap again, but was invited to Juliette's dinner party.

He was a little late for his meeting with his parole officer. He asks if someone might know where he is, not another prisoner, but a guard. She wants to know if he should be telling her something, but he says no. It seems like that will be the wrong answer.

As they're walking out, Noah sees Audrey going into the Chairman's office.

Noah is looking for wine to take to the dinner party, and  he has to take the cheapest. But there's the man in the cap again. He starts to sweat and drops the bottle on the ground, even knocking over a whole case. He's so upset, even the store clerk lets him get away without paying fully for what was damaged.

Audrey opens Nina's door.

The dinner conversation is about the black, white and gray of rape and sexual assault. Asking isn't sexy. Then they talk about courtly love. And the two dudes can't even stand the idea of love without sex. They don't understand that erotic has nothing to do with sex.

Every time Noah hears a train, he's sent back into his prison memories.

Noah doesn't feel comfortable on campus. He sees the guard in his mind, closing him behind the cell, and then runs into a man in a cap in the misty darkness.

Alison's photo was on the wall before his desk in prison. Noah calls her now, but she doesn't pick up. He just needed to hear their voices, even though Alison told him not to contact her.

Back in his new apartment, he's getting ready to clean up a disgusting kitchen when he's slashed on the shoulder and falls to the floor, bleeding profusely.


The Affair
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The Affair Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Donna: You're the brother. The one that went to prison? You killed him you know, with your antics. He died of a broken heart.
Noah: I thought he died of emphysema.

Nina: Helen, thank you so much for coming. You didn't have to do that.
Helen: Well, I knew you father for 30 years, Nina. Where else would I be?