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The summer draws to an end and the Solloways plan to return to Brooklyn on this episode of The Affair. 

Part 1: Noah

Noah, Helen and Whitney are at therapy. Whitney thinks Helen is having an affair with Max. Who is max? The therapist asks her to step out while she addresses Noah and Helen.

Det. Jeffries is reading Noah's book, Descent.

Noah decides it's time to leave. But it's Tuesday, is Helen's response. They proceed to pack up, but Martin want to go to the ranch to say goodbye and apologize about the horse. Noah takes him.

Cole promises Martin he'll keep a spot open on the ranch if he keeps his grade up. He tells Noah he thinks Martin is hungry for attention.

Cole sees Alison. "And that's it?" He turns away without a word.

Back at the mansion, Helen's parents are in the middle of the shitstorm. A Vanity Fair profile on her father shows he is edited into a better writer all thanks to his wife. They're arguing mightily and Noah goes to get gas, or to leave a note on Alison's bike just as Oscar pulls up.

Oscar threatens Noah and asks for ten grand to keep his affair secret.

Helen is worried about her mom, but she won't leave her husband to hole up with his mistress.

At home Helen discovers the house has been mucked up by the renters.

Noah and Alison start to have sex, but he can't. She's very cool about it.

Noah goes to Max for money to pay off Oscar. Max can't believe he had an affair, but asks Noah not to get all sentimental and tell Helen.

Noah goes on a run and falls to the ground. He thinks he's having a heart attack, but it's a panic attack. Geez. Wonder why!

Helen just wants to be together and decompress. Noah gets a look on his face. He spills his guts.

When they get home, Noah acts as if nothing is a big deal. Helen keeps her chin up. Noah closes the curtains and Helen wonders why.

Helen is confused how to react because she always knows everything that happens to him and she feels like she wants to know every step.

It's a horrible conversation. When they go to sleep, he gets a text from Oscar. He told her, so he can go fuck himself.

Part 2: Alison

Det. Jeffries is in Montauk. He's at a bridge, taking photos. One of the photos is of the sign to "The End."

Alison is trying to fix the railing on the porch. Cole doesn't think it will look any better, just painted. It's all rotted.

Alison hears Noah talking to Cole. She hears Noah tell Cole to get back to them when he has a teenage son.

Alison goes to the Lobster Roll. The place is getting ready to close. Oscar won't give Alison her last check. She takes some pies instead.

Back at the Lockhart house, the brothers are talking about Oscar. Scotty wants to beat the shit out of him, but Cole reminds them they're not thugs. He wants to make peace and turn him into an ally.

Cherry starts talking about an incident when Cole was a baby and his stroller ran away. She never knew the stroller was going, but she went after it anyway. It still happens. She knows when something is about to hurt one of them. She asks who Noah is. His note was stuck to the bottom of the pie box. Alison lies. Cherry burns the note instead of giving it to Alison. She wants her to end it and never tell Cole. Doing so is a selfish act and she's been selfish enough already.

At dinner someone asks who Scotty was with -- a little brunette.

Cole, Scotty and Alison go to Oscar's to apologize. They make peace, but Scotty screws it up by punching Oscar in the stomach. So Oscar tells Cole the person who did see him make the call was the guy she's fucking. Scotty and Cole beat the shit out of Oscar.

Alison thinks she should go away for a few days, so she goes to New York to see Jane. Jane tracks down Cole's home address and Helen's store. She knows she wants the married man to leave his wife and be with her. Jane decides to go to Helen's store and Alison goes with.

Helen is there. She almost craps when she sees Alison. Helen wonders if she's visiting the city and if she just wandered in. Jane laughs oddly, giving away the truth. Helen treats her well, thanking Alison for saving her girl the day they met.

Alison runs out and goes to their house. She looks in the window and sees them; a big happy family. Noah spots her and closes the curtains.

Alison gets back to Jane's and Cole is there. The coke is gone. They buried it, he went to dig it up and it wasn't there. Cole thinks it was whoever she's fucking. He demands to know who it is. Cole cannot believe it's Martin's dad.

They have a talk very similar to that Helen and Noah shared. On their way home, they get a call. Something's happened to Hal. He's in the hospital. He was trying to give the drugs back to the dealer and he got pummeled.

With Hal in the hospital for two weeks to a month, Cole decides to sell the ranch. Cherry wants to handle it, cover it and get a loan from the bank. Cole can't do it anymore. This trouble isn't worth it.

Det. Jeffries goes to The End. He needs to look at their register. He's looking for Solloway. The name is not coming up, the girl tells him. Jeffries is shocked.

Alison and Cole are back in their bedroom. Alison pops out her birth control pill. Cole asks her not to take it. He wants to start this part over again.

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