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When Noah and Allison take a trip to Block Island, they realize that their growing intimacy may have consequences. 

Part 1 - Noah

Noah is outside the police station and he's talking to Trevor about school work. Jeffries wants to talk some more.

Noah and Alison are on the ferry. Someone bumps into him and he's soon wearing coffee. Alison knows someone on the ferry, and Noah walks away.

They've gone to Block Island. First they decide to by him a new shirt, and then he wants to go to the historical society and fun stuff like that. In the store, they have sex in the changing room.

They get ice cream. She kisses him on the cheek. Noah talks about the lighthouse with the Frenel lense and it totally into it. He thinks she's making fun of him, but she loves hearing him talk about something he loves.

Noah has only had sex with three people. She say's he's basically a virgin and he's always been faithful. He didn't have sex in high school because his mother was sick. She had MS and it was all consuming. She died when he was 17.

Alison's grandmother is still alive but she has Alzheimer's. They go to the Mohican Bluffs, her favorite part of the island. There is a shipwreck just off the beach. Her grandfather introduced her to Peter Pan. They kiss passionately in front of the ocean.

They're grabbing drinks. Noah finished the first chapter of his book and sent it to Harry. He feels stupid for sending the first draft over because that's not something you do.

Alison doesn't consider herself a good person, but she doesn't think people are good or bad, but shades in between.

He wonders why she chose to have an affair with him. She laughs. He has a nice ass. But really, she just likes everything about him. She likes the way he talks, even if she doesn't care what he says. She likes the way he touches her and wants to know what it's like to be under him.

Helen calls. She's worried her mother is sick. He tells her he's on Block Island and the ferry doesn't leave until 5. He starts to feel guilty. She says coming here was his idea then runs out of the bar. He is having second thoughts and he wants to figure it out. She says she doesn't want to be his test case for him to determine how much he loves his wife and gets on the ferry.

He goes to a museum and mentions Alison. A woman launches into a chat that the reason women need yoga is because they aren't having enough sex. There are very unique paintings in the Block Island Heritage Museum. He gets a call from Harry, who seems to have enjoyed the first chapter.

Noah goes into a store and the clerk says he just missed his wife. Alison comes back in and they decide to get a room. Wisely, the pay with cash.

Noah doesn't want to hurt her. He says they barely know each other and she wants to keep it that way. They begin to make love.

Part 2 - Alison

Noah and Alison are having sex on the bed in the room. In her verion, the wallpaper is more dense. the bed is different and there is alcohol on the bedside table. She is watching herself in the mirror. She washes her face and tells herself not to freak out. She begins to get dressed.

He wants her to wait to get dressed and she climbs back into bed, but she's closed off. He notes she's not much of a cuddler. He wonders why she's upset. She's having a panic attack.

Alison is with Jeffries, and he tells her she can take a break. She calls someone, telling them she's a the fucking police station being interrogated. She decides to smoke and Jeffries walks out with her. Jeffries has been married 25 years and they still act like newlyweds. He doesn't let her finish her cigarette.

Alison remembers Block Island. She asks how Noah learned to swim. They're in the spot earlier recalled by Noah. She notes the shipwreck and points to it. The island is famous for shipwrecks and the ghosts that come with them. Suddenly they're moving furniture so they aren't charged for one they broke. The room next door has the wall paper that was in the room Noah remembered.

They run to the ferry, laughing and happy. On the ferry, Alison apologizes for what she said. She wants to end this, here now. They should just leave in a good place. She thinks he sees a free spirit who will shake up his life and then he can go home and love his wife. Then he surprises her.

Cole sent Alison a text of their new horse. He can't wait for her to meet her.

Alison can't get her bike lock off and it gives Noah time to catch up to her. He wants her to know it meant something, being there with her today. Alison starts to shake and cry. Noah wants to make sure she gets home safely. He is under the impression that he did something bumbling that made her turn away from him.

Alison tells Noah she had a son who drowned. It was two years ago and he was four years old. Every morning used to start with him standing there at the bed laughing, because he always used to laugh. The first thing she sees in the morning now is Cole's tattoo of the angel Gabriel and it makes her want to die.

Cole went to Syracuse to pick up a new horse. He won't be back until tomorrow night. Alison hates the sight of her house. She thinks he sees death when looks at her. He doesn't. They go into her house, the room she shares with Cole and make love. She looks away from her and he wants her to look into his eyes.


The Affair
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The Affair Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

What now, friend?


Noah: How about you? How many?
Alison: Thousands.