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Sheidheda wants everyone to kneel for him, which Murphy and Emori and Nikki do. But then Nelson and his people refuse to, not wanting to support another false god. Sheidheda murders him and all of his supporters.

Indra, Murphy, and Emori are working on protecting the survivors that Sheidheda doesn't know they are hiding. Indra sneaks in one survivor of the massacre to them, but Nikki figures out what is going on. She follows and forces Murphy to let her in, even though he chains her up. But Sheidheda's supporter had someone follow Nikki, so they know something is going on.

Sheidheda storms in and Murphy goes out to meet him to protect Emori. He leaves with Sheidheda as his prisoner. Meanwhile, the other supporters go into the woods to find Gaia and the others. Instead they bring back the Anomaly Stone that was left behind.

Bellamy talks to Cadogan about not harming his friends, and realizes that suggesting that they find the flame might be the way. He tries to get everyone to understand his point so they could just give up where the flame is, but Raven and Clarke refuse. He sends them both to MCAP, but not before having an emotional back and forth with Clarke.

She doesn't show them where the flame is, but she says she will if all her friends are free first. Cadogan sends everyone (but Raven and Gabriel) to a place that only he seems to know the whereabouts of. Then Cadogan, Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, and Gabriel go back to Sanctum for the flame and crash Sheidheda's reign. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Clarke: Today, I am standing in front of my best friend, who I thought was dead, and I don't even recognize him.
Bellamy: Clarke, I am the same person who brought you back from the dead. Who refused to give up on you.

Echo: Is it more important than us?
Bellamy: ...Yes.