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Kane wakes up in his new body and isn't happy with Abby. She tries to reason what she did but he doesn't know how to accept that he took someone else's body. Meeting Gavin's wife makes it worse, with Kane and Raven teaming up to bring back Indra. They convince her to help them lower the control of the guards by bringing in their own people, and that lets Kane get the remaining nightblood serum and head for the airlock.

Raven lets Abby go and she makes it there in time for Kane to say goodbye. Indra opens the airlock and Kane is floated. 

Octavia wakes up but can't remember what happened in the Anomaly. Gabriel puts her under and tries to get her to dig around in her mind to find out, instead she faces off against Pike and Blodreina to realize she wants redemption. She is about to go get it when they hear signals about Josephine and she stays to wait for them to get there. 

Josephine and Bellamy are caught by the Children of Gabriel quickly when Bellamy is leading them through to Gabriel. He tries to reason with them and they go to call Gabriel through a radio. Bellamy figures out that Clarke can see what Josephine sees so he talks to her for a second. Bellamy and Josephine discuss him and Clarke before the others return. 

They realize who Josephine is and try to kill her, so she lets Clarke take over to beat them up and get away. She is back in control, giving Bellamy the keys to escape and running off to find Gabriel. She is in control as she gets on a motorcycle and heads to Gabriel. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Bellamy: Let me talk to [Clarke].
Josephine: I got to give her control for that so no.
Bellamy: But she can hear me.
Josephine: Yes, she can hear you.

Abby: I can’t do this on my own.
Kane: Yes you can, Abby. You are so strong. You are so much stronger than me. You saved me so many times. Not just my life. Me.
Abby: I need you. I love you.
Kane: I love you too. I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone.