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Jaha in the Dead Zone

Jaha is found in the desert by a young boy, Zoran. He gives him a drink from a root vegetable. He has trouble saying his name, so he calls him Theelo. His parents come in surprised to see Jaha and don't want their son talking to him.

Jaha landed in the Dead Zone on the Way to the City of Light. Sierra gives Jaha food and says he must eat and then rest. The meal consists of bugs and Jaha has difficulty eating them. Jaha flinches when he sees the boy's deformed face. He was born that way and in their community, the child would be put out to be reclaimed by nature. Sierra couldn't do that and instead left home to save him.

Jaha calls Zoran over to him and tells the boy he doesn't need to cover his face. Jaha gives him the chess piece he brought with him. He says he put his people first over his son unlike her. Zoran attempts to get Jaha to leave when "Bad Men" arrive by horse. Jaha refuses to run because he believes they will be harmed. Zoran's father is one of the men who has turned Jaha over for a bounty.

Clarke and Anya

Anya holds Clarke captive to take to her Commander. The Mountain Men find them and are in pursuit. Clarke takes one of the tranquilizer darts out of a tree. Anya leads them to the water so they can cover themselves in the slime. The Mountain Men are following Anya and Clarke. Clarke suggests that one of them has a tracker in them. Anya finds one in her arm and she bites it out. When they are walking, Clarke sticks the tranquilizer in Anya's neck.

Clarke drags Anya back to the dropship. She finds her name written on the door, but the rest of the message is gone. Anya attacks Clarke and they fight. Anya almost kills Clarke, but Clarke fights her way out. When Clarke has the chance to kill Anya, she's distracted by the radio beacon balloon.

Clarke and Anya head to Camp Jaha. When they get outside, Clarke releases Anya and suggests that their people make peace with each other and go after the Mountain Men. Anya agrees to set up an audience with her Commander. As she leaves, she's shot by the Camp Jaha guards. Clarke rushes to her and is shot too.

Bellamy and Finn's Group

Bellamy and Finn argue about their plans. Finn worries that the Grounder told the truth and their friends could "outlive their usefulness." They find bodies all along the trail from a section of the Ark that didn't land safely. They find a woman Bellamy knows, Mel, on the cliff alive. Finn doesn't want to stop to save her, instead wants to leave and come back for her.

Sterling goes down the cliff to safe her. When he gets to her, she falls and grabs on to a tree. The rope breaks and he falls to his death. Bellamy and Finn argue about taking the time to save Mel. Bellamy's reminds Finn they don't know if their friends are alive or dead, but they know they can save her. He wins this fight and they go to work to find materials to make a rope.

Bellamy goes down the cliff to Mel with Murphy and Finn pull them up. The makeshift rope rips apart. They grab the rope and hold on, then Grounders attack with arrows. The horn blows stopping the Grounder attack and they pull up Bellamy and Mel. Octavia shows up. She was the one blowing the horn. She's reunited with her brother.

Bellamy has to take Mel back to Camp Jaha because the arrow could be poisoned, while Finn continues on to find Clarke and the others. Murphy doesn't want to be locked up again, so he goes with Finn. Bellamy gives him a rifle.

Camp Jaha

An electrical fence is put up around Camp Jaha. Inside Raven is working on her leg. She's been cleared for work, so she heads to Engineering on crutches to work on building a radio beacon to contact other Ark survivors. Wick in in Engineering. He created a brace for her leg, but she refuses it. Raven attempts to pull herself up a tower, but she doesn't have the arm strength to do it and reluctantly goes down. She gets upsets..

Wick encourages Raven to use her mind to overcome her injured leg and to let her friends help. She gives the brace he made a try. With the brace, she can walk without crutches. Wick uses helium to change his voice and make her laugh. It gives her an idea for a balloon beacon. When Byrne sees it in the airs, she's furious that they gave their location away to the Grounders. She shoots it down.


The 100
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The 100 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Murphy: Well, I'd say he's heard one too many of your motivational speeches.
Bellamy: Shut up, Murphy.

Clarke: We don't have to be enemies.
Anya: And unite with someone as weak as you? I have what I need.