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While in the jungle, Mira reveals more to Taylor about her plans, and provides him information about Lucas. They must also work together to evade a ferocious predator.


Meanwhile, Jim is closer to uncovering the Sixer spy's identity as the spy frantically attempts to cover her trail. It is revealed early in the episode that Skye is the spy for the Sixers. Jim and Reynolds manage to capture a blood sample from the traitor and bring it to Malcolm to analyze. When Elizabeth is decoding the DNA from the blood sample, Skye sneaks in and destroys it.


Her mother is still alive, therefore forcing and pressuring Skye to make some drastic decisions. When Elizabeth and Jim realize what has happened, they create a list of the people with access to the room on that day. The DNA sample managed to reveal that the blood belonged to a female, narrowing their search to 47 suspects.

Terra Nova
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