Terra Nova Season 1


Taylor and Jim unite against the Phoenix Group on the season finale of Terra Nova. What will go down on the episode?


Lucas races to complete his device on Terra Nova this week, while Taylor and Jim confront the mole. Skye, meanwhile, comes across a familiar face.

"Now You See Me"

Mira reveals a lot to Taylor about her plans this week, as these two work together to avoid a ferocious predator. Problems also arise with the Ankylosaur hatchling.

Jim uncovers an old murder on this week's episode of Terra Nova. Elsewhere, Taylor searches for a Sixer infiltrator.


Maddy's life is placed in danger this week. Elsewhere, Josh progresses in his mission to bring his girlfriend to the past.


The colony must be protected on this episode of Terra Nova. Is Jim up to the task?


We have our first colony murder! Jim and Taylor look into the event this week.

"The Runaway"

A young "Sixer" woman seeks asylum in Terra Nova this week. Elsewhere, Reynolds opens up about his feelings for Maddy.

"What Remains"

Josh and Skye make a plan on this week's episode of Terra Nova. Elisabeth, meanwhile, must find a cure for a mysterious virus.


A violent Pterosaur takes place this week. Taylor and Jim must assess the damage.

"Genesis: Part 2"

Jim and his family face the dangers of the prehistoric era in this series premiere of Terra Nova. Read on for a recap.

"Genesis: Part 1"

Jim Shannon and his family go back in time on the opening episode of Terra Nova. Get to know them better in this recap.

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