The Three Pigs - Tell Me a Story
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The Jewelry store is now a crime scene, and Jordan is right in the middle of it.

I appreciate the guard's hand getting bagged. That's rarely seen on television.

The rough cut diamonds stolen were likely up to $6 million.

Detective Renee Garcia is very kind about Jordan's feelings regarding his wife and waits on questioning so he can accompany Beth's body to the ME's office.

Eddie is in a panic over the deaths. He's certain they're going to prison. It apparently never occurred to him an armed robbery without murders would also garner some prison time.

The masks are still in the back of the car. They need to burn that shit!

Laney can't believe Kayla slept with the new teacher but says she has Kayla's back. Nick steps into the hall. He's freaking out. He just started his career. This would ruin him. As it was a 21 and over club, he had a reasonable expectation she would be that age. Kayla wants him to chill; nobody will find out.

Hannah is still angry Gabe contacted her, but Gabe says he's the one who pushed Dan. That's why he was so afraid.

Jordan blames himself for Beth's death because the world isn't a place for that anymore.

Mitch decides to blame Eddie for a day gone bad.

Jordan's friends try to care for him, but he's not really up for it.

Tim, though, knows what it's like to lose a wife.

Ah, Eddie is a bartender at Rapture. There's a tie-in.

Billy is just dancing at the club like it's no big deal. He puts up a fight against Hannah's desires to keep everything on the down-low. She smacks him across the face and leaves.

James Wolk is in the shower again. He's hallucinating.

Det. Garcia finds video of Eddie in the street before the rally.

Kayla and Laney go to some kid's house with him during the school day. Oh, it's Ethan. The girls are getting catty. Laney wants to know what's up with her and probably won't stop pushing.

Eddie gets dragged into the precinct but doesn't give anyone up.

Kayla decides to play threesome with Kayla and Ethan to get the other two together.

Jordan is in a lineup watching men say, "On the floor, or you die." Eddie is shaking and skittish, so it helps Jordan to identify him.

Kayla is an insubordinate bitch.

Hannah finds Gabe on the couch at his place, having ODed on her Oxy.

Gabe tells Hannah he once tried to kill himself, but not this time. They see on the news that Dan Simons body was found in the Hudson.

Jordan heads to Rapture and catches a glimpse of Eddie.

Assface Kayla is waiting for Nick outside of his apartment. She just wants him one more time. No one will know. He realizes she's high.

She says her mom wrapped her car around a tree and now Tim hates to look at her because she looks just like Abby.

Eddie calls his brother who just wants him not to fall apart on him. Of course, he isn't in trouble yet, so what does he care? Meanwhile, Jordan is outside of Eddie's house taunting Eddie's dog.


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Tell Me A Story Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Laney: What happened in California? What makes you so guarded?
Ethan: And sad. There's something uniquely sad about you.

Something happened back in Oakland. People don't just up and move in the middle of the school year.