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Jordan is trying to learn how to shoot a gun from YouTube. He misfires and blasts a hole clean through his refrigerator that is probably worth thousands of dollars.

Thinking he's a badass now, he walks over to his gun and eyes it as if he thinks he's a badass now.

Colleen has a cold. Tim talks to her about the fight he had with Kayla the night before. Tim says, "It wasn't like that," about the affair Kayla thinks he had on his wife. His wife pulled away from him, and they were having problems. Colleen says he's telling the wrong person.

Colleen asks Kayla to open up the shop for her after work since she isn't feeling well. She also asks that she talk with her father. He's trying.

Madeline gives Gabe some red velvet cake. It used to be his favorite. Richard is at the office making arrangements for their flights.

Nick is making sandwiches and reading Ethan's messages from Laney. He's dancing around pleased as punch.

Mitch wants to give Eddie every bit of money he has so Eddie and Carla can get out of town. He thinks everything will blow over eventually.

Kayla gets close to Nick's place and finds roses outside the apartment. He's outside to greet her and wants her to skip school. She doesn't want to get in any trouble anymore, but when he seems disappointed, she goes against her best judgment.

Mitch visits with Sam who wonders why he hasn't been told about the guy sooner. Mitch says he hasn't exactly been excited about their earlier visits. And, yes, there is a problem with the money. 

The money that is in Hannah's bag.

Madeline delivers Hannah some aspirin. She wants to know how much of what Hannah said about the explosion and her injuries were true. Madeline then gives her a stuffed bear that Hannah loved as a child. She thought she could take it on their trip. Hannah thought she lost the bear, but Madeline took him because it was a piece of Hannah.

Madeline has manic depression, which isn't an excuse, just the truth. She thought Hannah and Gabe were better off without them. Now it isn't up to her.

Kayla is watching an artist do a caricature of Nick in a park while studying his very fairytale wolf-like features.

Eddie wonders why nothing can be easy. They get ready to leave town. Eddie looks in his dresser drawer and finds his gun. He's confused.

NYPD shows up at Madeline's house. They want to know about the murder of Billy. Except they're not NYPD, of course. And Madeline hands them over because of what she can't do to Richard.

Nick tells Kayla he loves her and at the same time Colleen wants to know why she didn't open the shop. Kayla is embarrassed and leaves. The timing isn't good for Nick.

Mitch gets home to find a very upset wife who got an alert about their bank account.

The so-called cops stop on the side of the road and find the money. Cuffed in the backseat, Hannah and Gabe are hardly going to escape.

Kayla takes soup to Colleen and apologizes to her profusely. She also says how weird it is that the guy said he loves her. He doesn't even know her. She goes to his place to tell him she's not being herself and she needs to breathe. She needs to be alone. He begins to cry, asking her not to push him away.

We know he's going to go nuts.

He begins punching himself in the forehead and then in the head. He looks into the mirror and smooths over his hair. Then he smashes his head into it.

Jordan is outside of Mitch's house, but heads inside when Mitch falls asleep on the chair. His wife wakes him up to tell him there is someone inside. Mitch grabs an aluminum vase to use as a weapon. Outside, Jordan is wearing a wolf mask. Mitch goes outside and screams "fuck you" while Jordan revs his car. They play a game of chicken.

Nick goes to the bar of Tim's restaurant. He introduces himself and tells him he teaches English at Kayla's school. 

Somehow Hannah got her cuffs over her head without anyone seeing and she strangled the driver. He loses control of the car and it rolls about six times down a ravine. 

Eddie didn't leave soon enough. Jordan is at his place. Eddie has his phone trained on a nonexistent target. Eddie gets a call from Jordan asking about the third pig's name. He won't give it up. I know the gun is filled with bullets that will backfire. I just know it.

No. It's worse. Carla gets to the door and starts pulling on the knob like a madwoman. Eddie shoots four times. She's a goner.

Eddie sees Jordan across his yard. He says again, "Nobody was supposed to die." This time he adds, "I'm sorry." Jordan puts down his gun. Eddie shoots himself in the head.

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Tell Me A Story Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Madeline: Back then, I thought you and Gabe were better off without me.
Hannah: And now?
Madeline: Now, it's not up to me.

You California people. You have no idea how quickly the weather can change here.