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Kira starts to get a taste of her new powers. 

1943: Two soldiers are unloading bodies into a pile preparing to pour gasoline onto it when a Nogitsune crawls out and attacks. He rips off one of the soldiers heads.

Stiles shows up in Mr. Yukimura's classroom looking for the physical representation of his wife's tails. The older the tail, the stronger the Oni. There is only one left. Stiles lifts up a book and Mr. Yukimura swallows a fly, something Stiles says will make him talk.

Scott and Kira are looking at the picture found in the wall at Eichen House. Malia has found Scott. Scott thinks it all goes back to her family. She gets a call from him and they race to the school. Her mom feeds her dad something and he spits up black goo. Scott shows her the photo and Kira asks if it's her grandma. No, it's her.

1943: Kira's mother (looking just like Kira) is stealing supplies from the soldiers.

Scott and Kira start to learn about Kira's history. Mr. Yukimura lied about the internment camp because he couldn't trust Allison due to her family's violence.

The Nogitsune came from Kira's mother.

1943: People do not like that Kira's mother is stealing, especially when she takes a baseball. After a supply run the MPs enter her barracks. The first thing one picks up is a baseball. One MP seems kind and chooses to inspect in the morning, tossing the ball back to the boy. Noshiko is Kira's mother's name. 

Noshiko tells Kira and Scott and wolves and foxes don't get along and she's hesitant to tell her story to Scott, but Mr. Yukimura says allies should be welcomed, especially in times of war.

Sheriff Stilinski bails out Derek and Argent. He shows them Stiles and his wife's brain scans which are identical and impossible. The Nogitsune is using that as a way to break down Stiles and to control him. He wants their help.

1943: Noshiko was in love with the MP who gave the ball back to the ball.  

Kira doesn't want to hear her Casablanca story and Scott wants her to stop stalling. She says once she tells the rest of the story, he won't want her to let Stiles go.

Argent realizes that trying to outfox the fox is a problem and they're all doing it. Derek, Stilinski, Allison and Argent all prepare to find Stiles. Argent takes a lethal method just in case.

1943: Noshiku and her soldier are together. He has taught himself some Japanese. They saw the camp doctor talking.

Noshiku tells Kira that one of their talents is that they will never be harmed. She won't experience the flu or get a cold. 

1943: Noshiku and her lover discover that the doctor was selling the medicine for the interned on the black market. By speaking about what had happened, Noshiku was inciting a riot with the people who lived. The doctor told the MPs to start shooting. Noshiku's lover was there and that stopped her friends from throwing a bomb. The old lady got punched and Noshiku learned she was a bitten werewolf. She started turning and threw the bomb, igniting Noshiku's lover.

Stilinski and Allison share a moment. She doesn't know if Isaac is dying, if she made a mistake with Scott, what her dad is thinking or if they should trust Derek. She's also failing Econ, but Stilinski says he'll have a talk with him. Then he tells her she sounds just like a cop.

They get notification that someone is breaking into the house. When Stilinski accesses a video feed, Stiles waves from the bed.

1943: Noshiku is shot with all of the rest of the interned. Her lover, Reece, was burned and his screams echoed throughout Eichen house. He died and as the bodies were being transported, Reece's body was put next to hers. Noshiku was so badly hurt she called upon her ancestors and the Nogitsune to inhabit her, but the trickster took Reece instead. 

1943: Noshiku arrived at Eichen House and everyone was dead. She fought the Nogitsune with the sword and when she pulled it out it broke into pieces.

Kira is a thunder kitsune. She uses her powers to fix the katana.

The Nogitsune has left a message via the chess board in Stiles' room. Derek's name is on the King and is one move from checkmate.

Noshiku gives Kira the katana and tells her to find a wolf to help her, like she had with the old lady.

Noshiku thinks that because she buried the Nogitsune deep below the roots of the Nemeton and the kid's awakened it with their sacrifice, it's their problem to bear now. They let the demon out of it's cage.

Everyone shows up at Derek's loft and Stiles says hello.


Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Scott: If that's you, then you'd have to be like 90 years old.
Noshiku: Closer to 900.
Kira: OK. Sure. Dad, how old are you?
Mr. Yukimura: Forty-three, but I've been told I look mid 30s.

Scott: Can you call them off?
Noshiko: When you hear the rest of the story you won't want me to.