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The gang becomes stranded at a motel for the night. 

Alexander Argent, a werewolf, killed himself in room 217 of the motel they stay in.

Stiles runs down his list of suspects in the killings with Scott. 

Ms. Blake helps Derek.

Mr. Argent visits the scene of the big fight.

The motel has the most guest suicides in the state of California.

Lydia is hearing the ghosts of the suicides at the hotel.

One by one others begin to things and experience a haunting.

Scott determines the Glen Capri drew them there for the next three sacrifices - three vampires.

Allison, Stiles and Lydia save Ethan from killing himself.

Stiles and Lydia save Boyd.

Ms. Blake heals Derek with sex.

Scott tries to kill himself, but Stiles saves him, with the help of Lydia and Allison.

Since the gang saved Ethan's life, he tells Scott he's fairly certain Derek is alive, but if he doesn't join Deucalion's pack, he'll be killed.

Mr. Argent visits Grandpa Gerard after he learns about his uncle Alexander's alpha bite. The alpha who bit him was Deucalion.


Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Derek: How bad?
Ms. Blake: To be honest, the "oh my God" would be for your wonderful physique if not for the fact that you're bleeding black blood.

Stiles: Are you serious? Have you still not seen Star Wars?
Scott: I swear, if we make it back alive, I will watch the movie.
Stiles: It just makes me crazy.