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With only two episodes left, Kira faces a surprising enemy. 

Deaton physically pulls the flies out of each person infected with flies.

Stiles asks Noshiko to come to determine if he's really Stiles and the Oni materialize and give him a mark -- it's him.

Noshiko tells them the Nogitsune would only take Lydia for her power -- the power of a Banshee.

Noshiko teaches Kira the game of "Go."

Derek and Argent realize they don't need to look for the Nogitsune because he'll be looking for them.

Allison asks Isaac if he was him the night they were together. He says yes and asks if she wanted him to be someone else.

Aidan and Ethan are being shot at in the woods. 

Stiles remembers the girl at Eichen House who knows "the whole story," Meredith. When Stilinski and Stiles get to Eichen, she's escaped.

Meredith is in school.

Stiles is in pain, very bad pain, and he can't get warm.

Meredith says people are screaming because they're about to die. How many? All of them.

Derek finds the twins in the woods and helps.

Kira tells Coach not to let them take Meredith back or bad things will happen to everyone, including him. He asks who she is. His name is Bobby Finstock.

The Nogitsune taunts Lydia to try to get her to lose hope.

Meredith is plucking piano strings trying to hear voices, much like Lydia did with the strings on Stiles' map in his bedroom.

Coach finally gets his moment to shine.

Argent teaches Allison the craft of making silver bullets, but she wants to make silver arrowheads, as that's her weapon.

Stiles and Scott take Meredith to Scott's and McCall wants to talk to Scott. The night before he moved out Scott tumbled down the stairs and hit his head hard enough to make a dent in the hard wood floor. That was the last night McCall had a drink.

Isaac figures out that Meredith is probably a Banshee like Lydia. 

Scott assures his dad that the house is full of accidents like the stairs, but he healed. Now bye.

Kira's dad continues to teach her the game of Go. When she tells him Noshiko placed the pieces as would have the Nogitsune, he seemed concerned.

Allison feels like she's missing something while making her arrows.

Scott calls Allison and tells her they know where Lydia is. 

Noshiko is walking somewhere with an army of Oni and breaks a chain to get in.

Kira has to go up against her mother to save Stiles. Although they're two people, they must both survive in order for Stiles to live.

Stiles had Noshiko's last fox tail and when he broke it, the Oni became his to control.

When Scott and Stiles reach Lydia she's horrified to see them. She says they weren't supposed to be there and didn't they get her message? Who else came with them? 

The Oni are fighting and Isaac is being slashed to bits. Allison picks up and aims her arrow, getting the Oni just as another gets her with a sword through the midsection. The Oni are destroyed, but so is Allison. Lydia screams and Allison dies in Scott's arms as Isaac looks on in tears and Argent walks up seeing things from afar.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Coach: Sweetheart, do you want to tell me what insane asylum you escaped from?
Danny: Coach, insane asylum proper terminology anymore.
Coach: OK. Sweetheart, what nuthouse did you escape from?

Most of us were concentrated on the bizarre sight of a creature materializing out of the floor.