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Scott does what he can to earn Kira's trust.

The group throws a party for Halloween. 

Mr. Argent and Allison get into the room with Isaac and Mr. Argent punches Isaac until he starts to turn so he comes out of his "state." He thinks the hooded figures were after him. He then goes into a room and opens a box that contains a 2 part black mask.

Agent McCall tries to ask Scott and Stiles about about the kidnapping of Kira and blackout and none of their stories add up.

Kira takes a photo of herself in the mirror and in the photo she's surrounded by what look like flames.

Ethan wants to help Danny find a place to have a black light party.

Aiden tries to get to Lydia, but she doesn't want to be with the bad guy.

Kira wants her phone back because it has photos of her on it with the flamey things that Barrow took of her.

Kids say trick or treat to Derek at his car and he turns around, reaches into his car, and grabs a bag of treat sized M&Ms and fills their bags. Then he wolfs out and growls at them. A black smokey monster shows up where they just stood.

Stiles gives Scott his RFID cards for the Sheriff's office so they can get Kira's phone back. Kira is just concerned that the Stiles doesn't know about the photos.

In his father's office, Scott sees photos of him with his dad on his dad's laptop.

For some reason, Kira's is the only phone in the known universe that you cannot use while charging and Agent McCall comes to the office while Scott and Kira are inside.

Stiles runs inside to give McCall his thinking and stall him just after he finds a key on his ring that isn't his.

Kira was excited to do something risky.

The party is raging in Derek's loft and the smoke men appear.

Stiles explains to Scott about the key just showing up on his ring and not knowing what it is for.

Scott and Allison see each other at the party, and Kira lets go of Scotts hand. Scott looks around and she's gone. With his Alpha eyes Scott can see Kira with her electrical aura as she comes through in the photographs.

Allison teases Scott and lets him paint her body before they dance.

Lydia sees all of the couples doing their thing before she eyes the smoke monsters and goes outside to get air. Outside one crawls out of the pavement beside her and she almost banshee screams, but it steals her scream before it finishes and her face seems to melt.

Aiden and Danny are both looking for Ethan, but they can't find him. 

Someone tells Stiles there are phosphors on his key, and he can't figure out how they got there. 

Kira can't understand why Scott isn't running when she looks like a demon from hell. He said it looks like it's protecting her, and it looks like a fox.

Allison noticed the number 5 behind Isaac's ear, and they see Ethan on the ground with a 5 behind his ear. Moments later Stiles and Aiden find Lydia outside, also with a 5 and then the camera flashes on Derek, awakening with a 5 behind his ear. Scott hears Derek's howl.

Derek goes home and sends everybody packing, only the smoke creatures remain and they're all looking at Aiden. Everyone attempts to fight them, but they reach Aiden and put a 5 on his ear. Kira has seen Scott as a semi-wolf.

Isaac tells Allison her dad's 24 hours are up. 

Mr. Argent walks into his house, injured, blood on his hands and collapses as his phone rings with a call from Allison.

Stiles remembers that Barrow was hiding in the chemistry closet at school and that someone left him a coded message to kill Kira. Chalk has phosphors. He unlocks the door with the key, writes the same numbers next to the message and realizes it was him.


Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Agent McCall: That's one hell of a deduction there, Stiles.
Stiles: Well, I take after my pops. He's in law enforcement.

Scott: You didn't steal these, did you?
Stiles: No. Cloned 'em. With an RFID emulator.
Scott: Isn't that worse than stealing?
Stiles. Smarter.