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Scott's tries to figure out what to do when his boss is threatened. 

Scott helps patients in the ER by absorbing their pain.

Danny throws up mistletoe.

Supernatural forces are keeping the on call ER physician from getting to the hospital.

Scott and Ethan help Melissa at the hospital when Danny is admitted.

Lydia is still diddling with Aidan.

Stiles tries to use Lydia's psychic abilities to find Deaton.

Scott is turned on by Allison when they are stuck together in a closet.

The plan to save Derek goes wrong, and Boyd is killed.

Derek learns how Erica died through Boyd.

Deaton is saved by the Sheriff.

Deaton tells Scott he is a true alpha.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Ethan: I'm not going to hurt him.
Scott: Why should I believe you?
Ethan: Because we knew one of them would be important to you, and now we know it's Lydia.

I honestly thought I would never have to burden you like this, but you're my only hope. I'm going to be taken. I need you to find me.

Dr. Deaton