On S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 6 Street proves his skills by finessing an undercover operation that goes south. Hondo tries his best to protect the people around him, and reaches out to young Raymont. Chris deals with a mysgonistic climbing instructor.

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When you watch S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 6 you'll be in for an exciting "case of the week" featuring some pretty cool luxury race cars, and you'll get some in-depth character developement, too. Street proves that he's not all reckless confidence when it comes to field work, managing to save himself and a group of hostages when his undercover gig goes sideways, and takes down the bad guy too. Hondo begins to mentor Raymont as he struggles with his life post-shooting. In the process, we get insight to a traumatic experience in Hondo's past that explains a lot of his need to take care of everyone. Chris is discriminated against by an officer who's against women in SWAT, but makes sure her team stays out of hit. No stranger to this prejudice, Chris is determined to fight her own battles and prove her skills in her own way.

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On S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 6, Hondo allows Jim Street to go undercover as a broker in a luxury car theft ring to bust a ruthless trafficker.

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S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Well, damn. You bite that thing any harder, it might just bite you back.

Hondo [to Chris]

Deacon: Look, I don't think Cole gave you a very fair shake out on that wall.
Chris: No way. Next you'll tell me there's no Santa Claus?
Hondo: Don't worry about it. I'm gonna have a little chat with him.
Chris: You mean, like, man-to-man? Tell him to stop picking on little girls, right?
Hondo: He mis-evaluated a member of my team, and I'm not having that.
Chris: How do you know? You weren't there. You think I'm not used to this game? I don't need him to tell me what I'm capable of, and the last thing I want is him thinking that I came crying to you about it.