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Survivor is back for its 24th season and started with two big twists.  The first one presented to the contestants was that they'd be competing as all-male and all-female tribes.  Before the shock could even wear off, Jeff informed them that they had 60 seconds to retrieve whatever they could from the truck they came on.  The game was on immediately as the men started stealing stuff from the women.

After collecting their items the tribes departed in different directions for what they thought would be their respective homes.  Instead they both wound up at the same beach and would live together, the second major twist of the season.  

Despite being at the same beach each tribe set up their own camp. The disparity and potential for controversy became evident very quickly.  Despite teamwork between the two tribes, the women refused to share one of the chickens they caught.  The men returned the favor by initially refusing to provide the women with the fire they created.

The first immunity challenge forced the teams to complete an obstacle course in sections, one contestant at a time.  However, the challenge barely got past the first part, a 25' fall into a cargo net.  Kourtney landed awkwardly on the fall and would be pulled from the challenge with pain in her wrist.  The men were given the choice of taking the female forfeit or continuing with the challenge they already led but made the controversial choice to take the forfeit.

Having lost the first challenge, the women or Salani tribe, were forced to go to tribal council, but did not know the status of Kourtney.  After some questioning from Jeff and fireworks between Alicia and Christina, Jeff revealed that Kourtney broke her wrist, would require surgery, would not return to the game and Salani would not have to vote anyone out.

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Survivor Season 24 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm the girl in the guys tribe.


"How bad ass can a sushi chef be?"