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Survivor Season 22

"Seems Like a No-Brainer"

Survivor: Redemption Island comes to a close with a dramatic two-hour season finale. A contestant from Redemption Island rejoins the game and a winner is crowned.

Jeff at Redemption Island
"Too Close For Comfort"

A difficult choice faces the five remaining Murlonio tribe members on this week's episode.

"You Mangled My Nets"

With just six players remaining, the castaways inch closer towards the dramatic finish.

"A Mystery Package"

The remaining members of the Murlonio tribe are confused by an unexpected package at tree mail.

"Rice Wars"

Tensions rise between Steve and Philip on the next episode of Survivor: Redemption Island.

"The Buddy System"

The castaways are surprised to learn of a double tribal council that sends two players to Redemption Island.

"This Game Respects Big Moves"

The tribes get set to merge in this week's episode of Survivor: Redemption Island.

"It Don't Take a Smart One"

It's a tough week for the contestants on Survivor. Everyone appears to be suffering from mental fatigue.

Jeff Probst at Work
"Their Red-Headed Step Child"

Phillip thinks the girls on his tribe are too lazy this week. As for who gets sent home? Read on. Find out.

"We Hate Our Tribe"

Rob makes his case regarding Phillip on this episode. Read on for a recap of the latest Survivor episode.

"Don't You Work For Me?"

The Ometepe women get peeved at Phillip this week, while Russell attempts to co-exist with Matt on Redemption Island. That could be difficult.

"Keep Hope Alive"

Andrea gets peeved at Rob this week. Read on for a rundown of the latest Survivor episode.

"You Own My Vote"

Battle lines are drawn at the Ometepe and Zapatera tribes. Find out now what transpired on the second episode of Redemption Island.

"You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe"

Rob and Russell are back! We kick off a new season of Survivor this week, featuring Redemption Island.

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