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The dominant alliance of Chase, Sash, Holly and Jane feign damage control after duping Jud and Dan to vote one way and then eliminating their former ally, Benry.  Sensing Jud’s confusion as to why he was completely out of the loop, Sash explains that Benry was gunning for him and it was easier to simply vote Benry out without telling Jud.  Feigning his own ignorance, Jud plays along but secretly acknowledges that the tribe is underestimating him.

The next day the six remaining survivors are treated to video messages from their loved ones followed be a reward challenge in which the selected loved ones compete in the challenge alongside the survivors.  The castaways have to retrieve puzzle pieces from a water pool and pass them off to their loved ones who have to solve a word puzzle to create a phrase.

Chase and his mother dominate the challenge giving the pair a chance to enjoy sailing down the Nicaraguan coast along with a picnic feast.  Chase is also given the choice of having someone join him and picks Sash and his mother because Sash has not been on a reward in a while.  When Jeff gives Chase the chance to pick someone else, he goes back on his earlier word to take Jud and instead selects Holly and her husband.

After being spurned by Chase, Jud, Jane and Dan are furious with his decisions.  Jud laments how little time he gets to spend with his mother in general and comments on how Chase promised him that he’d take him on the reward.  Dan tries to stoke the fire within Jane that she was double-crossed by Chase and that she’s the fourth man in their four person alliance.

With the reward over and loved ones gone, the castaways move on to the immunity challenge.  While blindfolded, they must navigate a course of obstacles to get to a shield with a specific arrangement of raised symbols.  Returning to where they started with bags of pieces that are either identical or similar to those on the shield, they must place the symbols correctly to win immunity.  Jud gets out to an early lead and doesn’t look back, finishing just ahead of Chase.

Before the immunity challenge, Chase, Sash, Holly and Jane agreed that Jud was going to be voted off unless he won immunity.  After he did win immunity, the logical choice seemed to be to send the other non-alliance member, Dan, home.  At least it seemed logical to Jane.  Her other alliance members, thought otherwise.  

Knowing that they would have to get rid of her eventually, Sash talked Chase in to voting for Jane and Holly agreed.  When Jane came to confirm that Dan was going home, the hemming and hawing from her alliance members made it obvious what was going on.  Confronting the situation, Chase, Sash and Holly admitted that they were afraid of Jane’s ability to win the game and were sending her home.

This news sent Jane into a fit of rage and she doused the fire with water before leaving camp for tribal council.  At tribal council Jane went off, challenging all three of her former alliance members.  Despite Jeff’s prodding to get Dan and Jud to vote with Jane against the three-person alliance, neither did and Jane was sent home.

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 13 Quotes

They believe I'm more gullible and naïve than I am.


[Jud] knows that I'm in control of the game right now.