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Survivor Season 21

Survivor Nicaragua Final Five
"What About Me?"

Survivor: Nicaragua concludes and a champion is crowned.

The Survivors Watch Videos
"This Is Going To Hurt"

With just one episode left to go before the finale, one Survivor is brutally back-stabbed.

Jeff Urges On the Survivors
"I'm Not Sure Where I Stand"

Sash finds himself as the swing vote between two three man alliances and openly shops his vote. After making his decision, another survivor is blind sided by the vote.

Kelly S and Jud Chats
"You Started, You're Finishing"

Brutal living conditions threatens the end the run of not one, but two of the remaining nine survivors this week. Read on to find out who went home and why.

"Stuck In the Middle"

The tribe has an visceral reaction to Marty's ouster at the previous tribal council and start to question who's running the show. A coup is staged, but the king and queen are not worried. We recap who went home and why.

Marty Poses
"Running the Camp"

The war between Marty and Jane reach a boiling point. Who won? Our recap breaks down who was sent home and how.

Jud Finds the Rum
"Company Will Be Arriving"

The two tribes finally merge and the individual portion of the game begins. Two heads are on the chopping block at tribal council with tribe mates lobbying for and against each. Who went home? Our recap summarizes this week's episode.

Kelly S Throws A Ball
"What Goes Around, Comes Around"

Sash offers Marty a deal with the devil. Marty accepts, but was it the right move? We've got the entire episode recapped right here at TV Fanatic.

Jill Flips A Ring
"Worst Case Scenario"

Both tribes are sent to tribal council in a surprise move. The entire run down of the episode is available in our recap.

Yve Spits Water
"Turf Wars"

Who gets sent home this week? What challenges are presented to the contestants? We have the answers in this recap.

Espada Walks to the Challenge
"Pulling the Trigger"

Who got voted out this week? What was the challenge contestants have to overcome? We have the answers!

Espada Competes During the Challenge
"Glitter In Their Eyes"

Even at nine players a piece the Espada and La Flor tribe battle in a crucial challenge that ends up sending a popular castaway home. Read our full recap to find out who!

"Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All"

One castaway is down, but many are still around. We've recapped the second episode of season 21 right here and now.

"Young At Heart"

Castaways are divided by age for this edition of Survivor. One of them includes former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson.

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