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On this week's episode of Supernatural…

Crowley makes an incredibly long deal with Dick Roman to double cross the brothers in exchange for handing them a fake vial of "fallen" blood.

Dick creates a new additive that kills off skinny people.

Sam and Dean attempt to stop Bobby from going vengeful. Bobby asks the boys to burn the flask and let him go to the other side.

The Impala returns.

Dick duplicates himself in order to fool Sam and Dean, but the brothers use Castiel to spot the real Dick.

Sam rescues Kevin and Dean uses the weapon to kill Dick except it sends him and Castiel to Purgatory. The Leviathan are now masterless and lacking direction.

Crowley takes Kevin for himself.

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为什么dean去完了地狱,�去了炼狱啊,根�dean在地狱里的�历,在炼狱肯定�会很�心,心疼啊,�过还是很期待第八季的 希望第八季J2的互动多一点,很有看点啊。


Download the show of your choice, copy it on a USB Stick, plug the stick in your DVD Player and watch it on your TV.
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I was pissed like you and gave it up long time ago to watch shows on TV channels because it's no fun anymore, only bullshit with all these braeaks.


I just have to say how PISSED I AM the Time Warner Cable decided to block out Supernatural...AND Nikita to make way for stupid f'ing Baseball!!! I don't pay money to have my shows blocked out for stupid Baseball!!!