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The hunt for Manchester Black and the Elite continues on Supergirl. 

Supergirl and her team hit the streets with a peaceful protest after Lockwood announces his plans to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. 

Alex is assigned to Lockwood's detail considering he has a huge target on his back. 

Despite her aversion towards him and his beliefs, Colonel Haley informs Alex that this is her duty and part of her job description.

Brainy, the organizer of the peaceful protest, wants to show the world that they shouldn't be afraid of aliens. They come in peace. 

Supergirl, who was originally supposed to police the streets, joins the protest when she realizes people don't associate her with the aliens they are against because she's a "superhero."

Lockwood's rally tries to stir up anti-alien sentiment as he persuades the crowd that it's "us or them" and that the aliens have come to silence them. 

Still, the aliens remain peaceful. 

However, things take a turn for the worse when Manchester Black, who is presumed dead after he walks through the door of a baby sun-eater, shows up very much alive and ready to wreak havoc on anyone standing in his way. 

The aliens and humans begin fighting each other though eventually, they realize that there is no point in fighting. They are both on the same side. 

James Olsen, who was covering Lockwood's press conference, as a photographer begins capturing inspiring photos of humanity coming together. 

The march proves to be effective as Lockwood announces negotiations about the possible repeal. 

J'onn, who vowed to remain peaceful for his late father, is pushed to the edge and breaks his code to take down Manchester. 

Meanwhile, Lena is working tirelessly on her serum which would make the army superhuman and equal in a fight against aliens.

She tells Colonel Haley that her research isn't ready yet, but Haley claims that her soldiers want to test of the product and are willing to sacrifice their lives. 

Since the protests ended peacefully, Lena bought herself another day, but Haley warns her that a civil war is brewing. 

While it seems the episode may end on a positive note, that all takes a turn when James Olsen is shot in the back as he's leaving CatCo for the evening. 

Who shot James? And why?

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Dreamer: Tell us or eat this.
Supergirl: Hey Dreamer, easy.
Dreamer: I thought that you said being a superhero was about showing strength.
Supergirl: Well, I mean more "hands on hips," not "screaming in face."
Dreamer: Gotcha.

J'onn: It's almost like a weight has been lifted. I almost feel...
Dreamer: Relieved? Sometimes we don't realize the impact people have had on us until they're gone, for good or bad.