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The President has declared Supergirl a public enemy of the United States and she quickly learns that despite saving people, they are all afraid of her and think she's a villain.

With Alex and Lena on her side, Supergirl begins to wonder how Lex Luthor pulled off the White House stunt with her doppleganger. 

She and Lena devise a plan to infiltrate his maximum security prison and dig around his cell. 

Lena quickly figures out that Lex was hiding letters in his chess pieces. 

She also unlocks his diaries, which he was hoping she would fine. 

The whole process is torture for her, but she knows that if she can find anything, she'll be able to clear Supergirl's name. 

Supergirl attempts to get Lex's cell neighbor, Steve, to tell them everything he saw, but Steve isn't interested in helping her. 

He claims she made them all a target by coming to the prison, and he's not wrong.

Shortly after, the jail is surrounded by soldiers ready to take out Supergirl. 

Otis Graves also arrives on the scene encouraging prisoners to kill Supergirl with the prize being ultimate freedom. 

No one can take her on, obviously, but she's surprised to see that Otis is using so much Kryptonite, even her protective shield is faltering. 

She manages to escape Otis by quickly changing into her Kara Danvers outfit. 

Then, she finds Lena, who opened up a door to Lex's secret lair. 

Lex realizes his lair has been infiltrated and detonates Otis' vest. 

Lena and Supergirl manage to escape, but later, Kara returns to the prison to speak with Steve, the neighboring cellmate who is a huge fan of Kara Danver's pieces in CatCo. 

She tells him she's working on a Lex Luthor expose, and he hands over all the backup drives he has from Lex's lair. 

Meanwhile, Colonel Haley protects Supergirl from Ben Lockwood who comes to the DEO to get all the weapons that can harm her. 

Lockwood becomes dangerous as the President deputizes all of the Children of Liberty. 

James is suffering from PTSD, but he's also experiencing powers from Lena's serum. 

When he crushes a lamp with his bare hands, he calls his sister, Kelly, to tell her something is wrong. 

He suggests they talk to Lena before moving forward with any treatments. 

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

If the government wants to stop me from helping people, let them try.


You're not the only one who's friends with a Luthor.