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Supergirl returns and things in National City, no scratch that, around the world are peachy. 

Supergirl is back to being a hero helping people everyone from her hometown to Madrid to Kaznia. 

She's optimistic about what the future holds for "Alien Americans," which is why she refuses to believe J'onn when he informs her that a new string of crimes committed by Cadmus formers are hateful in nature.

Supergirl wants to believe that the world is becoming more accepting of aliens and since she hasn't felt any pushback, she believes the climate is getting better. 

However, when Brainy finds the location for the Graves siblings hideout, she is shocked to see J'onn was right; the computers are filled with inquiries for weapons from citizens who are openly and vocally anti-alien. 

When she realizes their plan is to attack President Marsdin's National Alien Amnesty anniversary party, she rushes to mobilize J'onn. 

After giving the reigns of the DEO to Alex, J'onn has become an advocate for promoting peace in an effort to honor his late father's wishes. 

He tells Supergirl that while he will support her, he cannot join her in the battle because it is against what he believes in. 

Supergirl warns the President about the potential attack in an effort to encourage her to cancel the event, but Marsdin tells her that "a leader who caves to fear is no leader at all."

As planned, the anniversary event takes place with Supergirl and the DEO -- Alex personally came out for the event -- in place. 

When the stolen EMP is launched, Brainy retaliates by bringing the power back. 

Supergirl is able to thwart disaster by capturing Otis Graves. 

But the damage is really done and the fuse lit when footage from the attempted attack on the President leaks revealing that she's an alien.

Attempting to be more present at Catco, Kara finds herself mentoring a cub reporter recommended by Cat Grant. 

Nia reminds Kara a lot of herself, but in order to succeed, Kara tells her she has to get over her fear.

"Tick tock," she states to encourage Nia as James points out Kara is turning into a mini-Cat Grant. 

James indictment for his role as masked vigilante The Guardian is dropped thanks to Lena's meddling, something she promised him she wouldn't do.

She squeezed out information from her mother about Cadmus' Bruno Manheim and traded it for James' innocence. 

He's thrilled even though the reporter states that if he picks up his hobby again, he will be arrested. 

Meanwhile, Alex and Brainy butt heads, and she finally chews into him about not following orders.

Eventually, he realizes that the reason for the animosity is because he's not Winn. 

Alex admits she isn't good with change and promises to give Brainy, the new Winn, a fair shot. 

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I just finally feel like the world is good. And I so badly want it to stay that way even if it's just for a little while.


Oh my god, you're me.