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Mike returns to go up against Harvey, but Samantha steps into the ring because she feels like the case was hers to begin with. 

There's a lot of back and forth and Harvey and Samantha work together to take down Mike, but in the end, Samantha lies, and Harvey is given into trouble from Mike. 

Faye gets wind of the lie and sets out to have a mole in the firm, but when Alex refuses, she takes matters into her own hands and fires Samantha. 

Samantha is stunned but gets ready to clear out her belongings, and accepts defeat. 

Katrina tries to move on from Brian, but finds herself contacting him via voicemail and Donna steps in to help her realize that she should take some time for herself as opposed to thinking about a man. 

Louis and Sheila have some trouble when Sheila feels like her pregnancy is changing her. 

Louis tries to help out, but finds himself at an impasse about trying to help, so he takes her along with him to Dr. Lipschitz. 

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Suits Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Harvey: I see what this is. You want to take me on.
Mike: Take you on, kick your ass. What's the difference?
Harvey: How fair do you want this fight to be?
Mike: Anything that can get us disbarred or put in jail is off-limits. I'll make sure to accept your loss gracefully.

Harvey: You know, just because she gave you a key, doesn't mean you're staying here.
Mike: Why would I stay here? I've got my old apartment that you're pretending to rent for me. Rick Sorkin? You've gone soft.
Harvey: Maybe I've always been a softie.
Mike: What happened to caring makes you weak?
Harvey: I think you're confusing caring with moving to Seattle. Speaking of Seattle, don't you have some old ladies looking to sue the condo association?
Mike: Yes, I do, but those old ladies are going to have to wait because I always have time for an old friend. It's good to see you, Harvey.
Harvey: It's great to see you Mike.