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Mike returned back to his cell at night, but Kevin was curious to find out where he went. Mike tells him he's fine and that they kept him in medical because they didn't know what was wrong with him. 

The next day, Mike is playing cards and Frank appears waving a letter at him, saying his application was rejected because it has to be filed in person, so Mike tells Harvey he needs to be Frank's attorney. 

Harvey is furious, but agrees to if it means saving Mike. 

Kevin confronts Mike when he learns that Mike was not in the medical facility. Kevin can't trust Mike, but he let him know the reason he is inside. 

Rachel is shocked to learn they are no longer going forward with saving Leonard and turns to Jessica, who initially declines. 

Later, Jessica realizes it would look good for the firm if they took the case on.

Louis tasks Donna with finding him a home in the Hamptons to get Tara to work on it. 

Donna is shocked that he went this far to secure a date with Tara, but she later realizes he must love her to go to the lengths he is going to.

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