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Mike got a shock when he learned that Cahill was going after Kevin and Jill's assets, even the ones they obtained before Jill started stealing money. 

Mike threatened Cahill by telling him that he would go after him if he pursued Kevin's family. Cahill countered this with a threat that he would reveal Mike was acting as a lawyer in prison. 

Mike was forced to back off, but then he revealed to Kevin that he was wheeling and dealing to try find a way to get him out of prison to be with his family. 

Kevin knew the chances of it actually happening were pretty slim, so he told Mike to ensure that he gets himself out first before helping him. 

Harvey visited Mike and told him it was going to be a few days before he gets out, so Mike got to to work to take Gallo down. 

Gallo promised Harvey he would look after Mike for the few days, in the hopes that they would both be free soon enough. 

Harvey confirmed that would be the case, but Cameron showed up in the dead of night to grill Harvey about getting Gallo out. 

Harvey made it clear he needed to for Mike, but Cameron threatened to go to the parole hearing to reveal that Frank is not so reformed. 

He did so, and the board asked Harvey to testify under oath to vouch for Gallo and Harvey agreed to. 

When he got ready to testify, Cameron called a witness and it turned out to be Mike. 

Mike didn't want Harvey to lie under oath, so he cut a deal with Cameron to get Kevin out and told the board how Frank attacked him on the first night. 

Frank was furious and made it clear he was going after both men. 

Later that night, Kevin was released, but Mike was kept in the prison. 

Gallo appeared to kill him, but Mike was one step ahead and revealed the whole thing was recorded, forcing Gallo to be taken to maximum security. 

Rachel and Jessica managed to cut a deal for Leonard, but Leonard decided to pursue his plan to clear his name. 

Jessica, however, managed to get Leonard's daughter to go see him. 

Also, Tara left her boyfriend, who asked her to marry him and chose Louis as her sole partner. 

Harvey welcomes Mike out of prison with a surprise. It paved the way for the most romantic kiss of the entire series. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Donna: Oh, my God, Louis. Mudding is amazing. I actually just fell asleep for the last half hour.
Louis: God dammit, Donna. I didn't bring you hear so you could fall asleep while I'm pouring my hear out.

Louis, you are not moving another centimetre until Ronaldo comes in and puts that privacy curtain back up.