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Suits Season 2


It's the Suits Season 2 finale, as Harvey and Jessica clash over the direction of the firm on "War."


Dana returns on this episode of Suits and causes more trouble for Harvey and Jessica as they try to fight off Hardman.

"He's Back"

Daniel Hardman won't stay away. He returns on this episode of Suits as he plans to sue Jessica.

"Zane vs. Zane"

Rachel must face her difficult relationship with her father when he and Harvey face off on a gender bias case on Suits.

"Blood in the Water"

The firm tries to recover from its battle with Daniel on Suits this week. Elsewhere, Mike and Louis face ramifications for previous actions.


A case resonates with Mike on the first Suits episode of 2013, making it tough for him to separate the personal from the professional

"High Noon"

On Suits, Harvey needs Mike during the fight for the firm but has he fallen off the grid?


On Suits, with Jessica and the firm's future on the line, does Louis hold the deciding vote?


On Suits, Harvey and Mike look back at the past to try and figure out how they've gotten where they are.

"Sucker Punch"

On Suits, Harvey must ask a former colleague for help defending the firm despite their questionable relationship.

"All In"

On Suits, despite their complicated past, Harvey asks an old colleague for help in defending the firm against the lawsuit.

"Break Point"

On Suits, Harvey has trouble dealing with Jessica taking the lead on an important case.


Travis is back on this episode of Suits, and he takes aim at Harvey. Meanwhile, Louis and his paranoia might ruin his friendship with Mike.

"Meet the New Boss"

On Suits, Mike gets caught in the middle when Harvey and Daniel argue over a case. Mike has to figure out how to handle to women in his life.

"The Choice"

On Suits, Mike questions Rachel about her message and Jessica gets Harvey to help drum up support, with mixed results.

"She Knows"

On the season two premiere of Suits, when Jessica's former partner reappears, Harvey begins to contemplate how far he'll go to protect Mike.

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