Stitchers -- Friends in Low Places
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On Stichers Season 1 Episode 2, Kirsten and Cameron are fired up to get into Ed's memories and find out what happened to him. Unfortunately, things are halted when Maggie takes over and states they need to find out what happened to a young woman named Lisa Keller after she had a drug overdose. Kirsten, at first, isn't on board until Maggie states they need to get this drug off the streets or else it will kill hundreds of kids. 

Kirsten is stitched into Lisa's mind, but the drugs cause her not to see a clear picture of what happened and she is bounced out of her mind. Kirsten is convinced they won't find anything and wants to be stitched in Ed's mind right away, but Maggie won't let her go into his memories until Lisa's case is solved. Kirsten gets Camille, Cameron and Linus to investigate the rave Lisa was at, but things take a turn for the worse when Detective Fisher shows up and tries to arrest the team until Kirsten comes clean about the stitcher program.

Kirsten and the team end up taking Detective Fisher down to the stitcher headquarters and Maggie recruits him as someone who can watch team as they do field work. Kirsten is put back into Lisa's memories and finds out she was force-fed drugs by the rave promoter, Raf, and Detective Fisher is able to get together a search warrant and arrest him.

Unfortunately, by the time the case is solved, Ed's mind has diminished past the point of being stiched.

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Camille: I'm trying to say, I'm sorry.
Kirsten: [clearly confused] This is what sorry looks like?
Camille: Yeah.

Kirsten: How do I do this? Say I'm sorry [extends hand] we shake hands?
Cameron: [laughing] Oh! You really don't know how to apologize, do you?
Kirsten: No. It's really not one of my skills.