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On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 6, the team investigates the murder of a young woman named Danielle who has been working, with a promising doctor, on a brain experiment. Kirsten is stitched into Danielle's memories and sees her having a heated debate with the doctor over the equipment they are using. Kirsten is convinced the device doesn't work and the the doctor was afraid of having his work exposed, causing him to lose millions, and that's why he killed Danielle. 

Kirsten breaks into the doctors office and tells his assistant what she thinks happened, but she's surprised when the assistant knocks her out. Both the assistant and the doctor were working together and they knew the machine didn't work, but the doctor is convinced if he puts it on higher they'd be able to get results and Kirsten is their guinea pig. Just as they turn the machine on and crank up the volts, Kirsten gets small images of her past, but Cameron, Linus and Camille step in and stop the experiment from happening. 

Meanwhile, Kirsten is still trying to figure out why Ed would leave her a cassette tape. While she listens to the story on the tape, it breaks into a type of code and she goes to Linus for help with it. Linus is able to crack the code, which leads Kirsten to her mom's tomb and when she touches the picture, it opens up revealing a secret compartment with a key in it.

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Linus: Is there a problem?
Kirsten: No, I'm just having a hard time understanding something.
Linus: You've come to Dr. Linus for advice. Well, I'm flattered.
Kirsten: Cameron's busy.
Linus: Oh.

Kirsten: What are you doing in my bed?
Camille: What are you doing with a Walkman?