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Andy stays behind in the building despite orders to evacuate. Miller gets the elevator victim out and wants to go back for Jack, but the chief won't let him. He goes back in anyway.

Bailey and Ryan get Pruitt to the hospital. 

Andy runs into Vic and Maya. Maya goes back up after Andy and tells Vic to get more people out. 

Ben is pulling Molly down the stairs. She begins to suffocate and makes her a chest tube in the stairwell. Vic comes across Montgomery who is unconscious but has a pulse.

Miller finds Vic and helps her carry Montgomery down the stairs, despite wanting to go after Jack.

Ben gets Molly out and she's greeted by her mom. Ben drives them to the hospital as Vic and Miller carry Montgomery out. 

Molly flatlines in the ambulance. He gets her to the hospital and Bailey takes over. Montgomery arrives right behind them and Vic gives Ben the cold shoulder. She's mad he left him. 

Maya and Andy finally find Jack. He's alive and they get him out. Andy finally calls Ryan back and learns her dad is in the hospital. 

Bailey breaks it to Molly's mom that she didn't make it. Vic apologizes to Ben. 

A flashback shows Pruitt absent from Andy's graduation because he was bailing Ryan out of jail. Pruitt is stable and on his way towards remission. 

Montgomery pulls through. 

A few weeks later, Chief Ripley introduces the new captain of Station 19, a new guy named Capt. Sullivan. 



Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Vic: What the hell do you care? You were willing to leave us all in there. You did leave us. You evacuated the entire building with my whole team still inside.
Chief Ripley: It's protocol.
Vic: You could have made a different choice. But you didn't. That's my report.
Chief Ripley: There was no other choice to make! You are eager, and you are loyal to your friends, but I don't get that luxury, not in my position. What the hell do I care? More than you could possibly know.

Andy: Just because we both have vaginas doesn't mean you and I have to be friends.
Maya: Sure thing. Only, and well, I say this from years of training by myself, there's safety in numbers. And when it comes to us vs. all the rest of these guys, one thing we should probably consider is sticking together.