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A woman is attacked in her home, but is killed by her assailant.

Beth takes more leave from work to get her head together, but Jack goes to see her and realizes that she may not return to her job. The two of them flirt and make out.

Vicky's ex husband shows up in town and asks her to speak with him, but she is a bit apprehensive at first. She decides to meet him, but must dash when new details of the case are leaked,

The FBI tell her it is a murder investigation and Janice looks up information on the case and comes to the conclusion that the stalkers all met at the same group and are targeting individuals. Vicki is stunned.

Jack and Janice team up to get to the bottom of the killings, which leads them to a chilling confrontation with Darren, who is revealed to have bi polar and hasn't taken his medication in six months, but it is revealed that he isn't really the killer in the closing moments, setting the stage for part two of the finale.

Ben is MIA from work because of his brutal shooting.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Jack: I said to put 'em up.
Darren: Do it, I'm done. Shoot me.

Jack: Darren's car.
Janice: Call for backup.