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Let's take a look at the latest episode of Southland:

- Josie and Lydia guard Naomi, a witness to a murder. After her testimony they all have dinner to celebrate. Naomi, a former actress, gets drunk and admits that she was playing a role on the stand. She didn’t actually witness the murder. Lydia arrests her for perjury.

- John doesn’t take his pain pills. Ben and other officers notice his surly mood and the effects of withdrawals.

- John and Ben find a nine years old runaway in the park. He’s a foster kid who has been missing for three weeks. He tells the Officers that he was kept in a magical cave. When no one else believes the boy, John keeps searching for answers.

- Between John, Ben, and another detective they find the magic cave. It is in the home of a known pedophile. The man commits suicide when he thinks he's going to be caught.  The two boys he was holding are rescued.

- Sammy finds the man he believes killed Nate. He kidnaps him and makes him dig his own grave but can’t kill him and lets him go.

- Mariella decides to sell her and Nate’s house and move in with her parents in Texas, leaving Sammy behind.

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Southland Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Ben: Unarmed fourth graders, what are they going to do throw a Tranformer at somebody.
Dewey: Where the Hell's Optimus Prime when you need him?

We can not have her testify looking like the fourth Charlie's Angel.