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South Park Season 15

"The Poor Kid"

On the season fifteen finale, Kenny's parents get arrested and the poor kid might end up in foster care!

"A History Channel Thanksgiving"

The South Park kids watch a History Channel Thanksgiving and believe that aliens were involved in this holiday. Well, at least Cartman seems to buy it.

When Cartman becomes the 1% result of the Presidential Physical Fitness, the other 99% of the class team up against him. Like Occupy Wall Street. Get it?

"Broadway Bro Down"

Randy and Sharon head to Broadway to watch a musical. Although Randy starts off bored, he changes his mind with a "Broadway Bro Down."

"Bass to Mouth"

The South Park elementary students' secrets are all exposed via an online gossip blog. Who is it? Gossip Girl?

"The Last of the Meheecans"

Cartman and the boys play a little Texans versus Mexicans, but the game turns serious when Cartman ends up joining the U.S. Border Patrol.

"Ass Burgers"

South Park returns for the second half of season 15 with "Ass Burgers." If you can't tell from the witty title, Cartman is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and has his unique way of coping.

"You're Getting Old"

It's Stan's 10th birthday and when his world view changes, it rattles the very foundation of South Park.

"City Sushi"

Butters is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder after starting a turf war between the owner of City Wok and the newly formed City Sushi.

"Crack Baby Athletic Association"

Cartman brings Kyle in on the ground floor for his new business adventure: the Crack Baby Athletic Association.


When the school posts all the students' penis sizes, Cartman gets in trouble and is sent to anger management therapy.

"Royal Pudding"

When the princess is kidnapped during Canadian Royal Wedding, Ike and his fellow Canadians are called to arms to rescue her.


Jimmy hosts the Special Ed's 1st Annual Comedy Awards and when they declare Germans the least funny people, the country retaliates.


For the South Park season 15 premiere, the show takes on Apple's iPad and the indie flick, "Human Centipede," in one fell swoop.

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